Friday, June 24, 2016

Another lame update.

It feels like every couple months I get around to writing another blog....and it always starts with....where have I been? Or, I promise I'll write more...

I have no real good excuses.  Life has been so crazy-hectic-amazing these past couple months.  I last wrote in May just giving an update about life.  I had written an "Ohio Bucket List" and was working at crossing lots of things off.  I had so many amazing things on the list which I did accomplish and some that I really wish I COULD have accomplished but lacked time.  And, well - then I just took the list down and said "we've done what we could" and our days went on with other stuff.

My days are always filled with things - boring, exciting - what have you.  I guess what is boring to me could be really exciting to other people.  I get into thinking about what I'm doing and often don't want to even blog about it because (insert really big yawn) its kind of boring.  I'm often chasing five kids, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, and driving....oh, always driving.

But, we've done some other things this month!  Mostly, I've made lists of what I need to accomplish and things we need to do.  We also tried hard to see a lot of our friends before we head out to our next spot.

Ohio has been hard on me.  I'm really hoping I can kick myself into a great routine when we get to Texas....and hopefully this includes blogging more -- like, lots more.

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