Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week in Review -- Jan and back in action!

Well, Christmas break is finally over and now things are slowly getting back into the swing of things! I had a dentist appointment Monday which made the week off to an interesting start - but all is well!  

The kids have been busy doing their schoolwork and actually adjusted back to school pretty nicely.  I've started Gator doing Time 4 Learning in addition to her other subjects.  The plan is that we'll have access to Time 4 Art next month so - I'm hopeful its as awesome as people say!  Peanut is doing well and our big focus right now is reading, math and writing.  Achoo is also working hard -- we have him doing 100 Easy Lessons for reading and the BOB books - he's loving it.  He's also doing Star Wars Math and Letters.  

We did a few little trips out last week - aside from the dentist we also had swim lessons and gymnastics.  Then, we went to this cool indoor play area that had a nature scavenger hunt! It even warmed up a little so we had a quick outside play, too! Ash got tired though so we left.  I signed the big kids up to try Chinese class but Peanut had a meltdown - it was too hard.  I thought it might be but it was free to try the first class, so we did!  Achoo had a chance to learn how to play chess and now wants to go play weekly with his friends.  Then....we had a play group on Friday for the littles and a board game day for the bigs! That was a lot of fun for everyone!!  We actually managed to do all that AND get tons of school done. 

This next week - we don't have much planned.  I'm hoping to get a few things cleaned up around the house and maybe organize some school stuff.  All of our closets and rooms need a little organization. I'm really game for doing it all BUT it'd be a lot easier if we could do it knowing where we are actually moving!!

I'll write more next week -- hop

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