Friday, May 6, 2016

Catching up....

Oh gosh.  Has it really been five months since I last wrote on this blog....time goes fast...and slow at the same time!

Mother's Day Flowers!

You know with the Air Force the motto is hurry up and, we wait.  This year has been all waiting.  We know we are moving but when and where -- that's the question (or it was for most of the last five months).  I've pushed to get through school, enjoy the activities and have quality time with the kids.  I've become energized and dedicated to a workout program -- because, I'm moving....and I'm going to Texas!  But, I need to look good in tank tops so my arms need a little work (or a lot ha!).

We've known since March that we'd be returning to San Antonio for yet another tour and while I know a lot of people really dislike Texas, it's home.  It isn't where I'm from and the hubby isn't from there either but its where we felt most at home.  We are so beyond excited to go HOME.  Yes, home.  We get to move back into our own home....back to our friends and'll be so good.

I've worked hard on creating a bucket list for the remaining time we have left in Ohio.  We have crossed off a few things but nothing overly exciting yet.  I'm also working on things we want to see and do while in Texas!  Over the next month or two I'm hoping to successfully cross off most of our bucket list.  If I am lucky I'll be able to keep things together and even update our fun excursions on the blog! Let's hope!

Jeni's Splendid Icecream

A lot of people have asked about's it going? What am I doing? Are we done?  Well...I started this past year using Calvert and quickly realized it was just too much busy work and not advancing the kids like our other materials had done.  We swapped to My Father's World and Christian Light (which we have used successfully in the past).  The kids are doing great.  We finished up My Father's World for the year and have been focusing on math & language arts.  I even signed Gator up for a fun class through GamED Academy. She's loving it so far!!  In a couple weeks I plan to finish up our school year with the IOWA Testing....and then enjoy the summer off!

I'll try to keep you all updated at least weekly if not more!!!  

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