Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekend Recap!

I'm finally having a moment to myself where I can sit here and tell you what's been going on but the past few days have been seriously a blur!

Baby Ash has been sick with a double ear infection. We didn't catch it until her 9 month visit....and she's wanted to be held ALL DAY LONG.  I keep reminding myself she's little, she's sweet, and this will only last just so long.  I mean, look, Gator is 9....the time has come and gone faster that I knew it would.  How do I have a 9 year old?  So, there I sit with my snuggly sleepy baby.  Don't mind my crazed look -- I had just finished some 21 Day Fix Yoga!

Friday was all over busy. We ran to the store to groceries then a pit stop at the library to pick up some books.  I love our library because we can order books and they have them waiting for us when we go in.  The librarians are all friendly and kind....and thankfully you don't have to be THAT quiet.  Because, we aren't quiet.....we are loud.  We are a bunch.  That's how this family works. #loud

I've been working hard at getting lots of school accomplished because I really want to do fun things this month.  That was my plan last year, too, but it just never happened. Last year I wanted the time to take off when Ash was born...this year, I know life is going to get crazy when we move so a month off in December just isn't doable.  In the craziness of life and the fact Vegas went to work yesterday (boo), I decided to do Saturday school!  The kids were less than impressed but I managed.

Peanut has been working on cursive.  Its a hard concept to grasp especially because as a homeschooler you know there are several different kinds of cursive. I actually taught Gator cursive using Handwriting Without Tears but then this go round we're doing Calvert Script.  Its much different.

When Peanut was struggling I started writing in cursive and having her copy it but it was hard for her to copy since she couldn't see the paper...A HA moment!  I taped the papers to the window and she sat tracing it!  I even had to do it with the other kids.

Achoo is busy with Reading Eggs.  I know a lot of people love the program and I recommend it because its fun but he's so slow with it.   They even have a Math portion which he likes.  The cool thing is he thinks he's playing a video game but really...he's learning!

More later....and for the meantime a quick photo of the new shirt Gator got in the mail. I absolutely love it -- its just her style!


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