Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week in Review....December.

This is probably the third year I have thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome to take off the ENTIRE month of December?" and then, I realize it realistically would not work.  

Last year I couldn't take the time off because we were waiting for the baby to arrive in March and I KNEW I'd need time then.  The year before, I think life just got crazy and I knew it wasn't going to because I hadn't planned enough?  This year...its just not doable because we're expecting a move this summer.  I need to have everything done and more than done because a move always messes life up....just a bit!  (Where are we moving?! I want to know, too!)

so....I spent the majority of last week working out a few kinks with school.  Achoo is totally loving Reading Eggs & Math Seeds.  He has been busy working on some sight words and writing his letters and numbers.  Peanut just got a bunch of new books at the library.  She's working hard at reading and is having fun with Math, too.  Gator is working on long division, area and perimeter, among other things in Math.  She's got a collection of books from the library, too.  She's also very happy to be back to Veritas Press History.  They are currently on sale again until Dec 18. I have thought about purchasing the Bible program to go along with her history but I think we will just wait until next spring.  They go on sale several times a year!

The kids have been trying to do lots of Christmas things - last week we made edible trees and even ginger bread houses (which was a complete fail).  We did a bit of our shopping, wrapped some gifts, donated some of our stuff, and made plans for other things they'd like to do: Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and Baking Cookies are top on their list!

On Friday, Gator went with her team down to the gymnastics meet (though, she didn't compete this time around).  I took the other four kids to the Elves and the Shoemaker!  We had a great time.  I was kind of surprised how well they did....until the end, of course Achoo kept asking when we could go to the library.  It sounded like he was really into books BUT he had a video game awaiting him!  

This past weekend Gator & Peanut even went to see the Nutcracker with Vegas!  They all said they had a good time....later that night, Peanut said she was glad she does gymnastics because ballet can be a bit boring!  Ha!  

And, just because we all need some baby cuteness...


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Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

A whole month off would be amazing! One day!

That gingerbread crackers house looks like it was doing okay. If it makes the kids smile and gets them creative it is never a fail :)