Thursday, December 3, 2015

This past week.

I start almost every blog the same way - I've been meaning to write....but....yup.  This past week I've been thinking a lot about my blog and how I need to make time for myself.  Blogging is listed under things I can't do because I have no time for myself.  Actually, the list is quite long.  I have tons to do but little time and always choose to put my kids first.  Someday they'll look back and see this time was such a gift - I hope. 

Really, I don't just think about things I should be doing...I do things I need to do, think about things we're going to do, clean up the kitchen, do the laundry, carpool...oh the list goes on.  Then, I've been thinking about LOTS of other things, too.  The world, the government, the move, what I'm going to do next year for school, meal planning. Oh gosh. I need to stop thinking so much!

Let's catch up a bit -- and hopefully, the next entry won't be far off.

I've been pretty busy with homeschooling the kids and driving them everywhere.  I have to remind myself its a season...oh, is it ever a season and when its gone I'm going to really, really miss it.  Gator has been doing 4th grade work and its definitely a step up from 3rd grade. I love her thirst for knowledge!!!  Peanut is becoming quite the reader and I enjoy sitting to read with her daily.  Achoo has a love hate relationship with school.  Thankfully, he's 5.  He doesn't want to write his name? Ok.  He wants to color and not use pencils, fine.  The instructions say "color this blue" and he realizes the colors but says, "why should the pumpkin be blue" - yup, I'm not fighting it.  He's got a strong personality. He's amazing...and he's 5.  So, while I'm doing Kindergarten with him this year and he's THRIVING I jokingly admit if I really mess up with him, he could just do it again next year since most boys these days actually start later.

At the start of this year I promised the kids we'd have fun each week.  I thought maybe we will call it FIELD TRIP AND FUN FRIDAYS -- the name stuck but the going places and doing something new got old.  We've tried very hard.  The big girls have been enjoying cooking class. It doesn't meet all the time but does meet monthly.  This last class was an Italian themed class where they learned to make their own pasta!  They love coming home with the recipes and showing me how its all done, too!

Autzee is good with ANY recipe the girls can make that involved Nutella!  And, she can do a whole lot of recipes with Nutella....her favorite includes a spoon (or heck don't even use that just her fingers) and the jar!  Let's just say most of the time the Nutella is just hers!

I've been reading this book.  And, I really feel like it touches a lot of great points.  


Speaking of books....I started a Christmas Bible challenge! And, I'm 3/3 so far on days accomplished so that's a great edge!  I haven't done a lot of other things for the month of December yet but its still early!  I'm also planning a trip to the library in the next couple days to get some more books for the kids to read!  What books have you been reading with the kids? Any good recommendations for elementary aged kids?  

This week we also baked a few fun snacks and prepped a few gifts for the holidays.  Fun snacks for the kids included pretzel candy and energy bites ... I'll be back with the recipes, later:

A photo dump of sweet baby A because everyone needs to see squishy babies.  I love this kid. She is a blessing beyond words.  I love her more than you could ever imagine.  She just is filled with love and laughter -- and she brings joy to everyone!


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