Thursday, December 10, 2015

EDIBLE Christmas Trees!

These kids are super excited about the Christmas Season!  We have been trying to do fun "Christmas" things each month!  Normally, I buy one of those pre-made Gingerbread Houses and the kids complain when they cannot eat it.  So, I thought let's make Christmas Trees!  And...I was BEYOND excited when I saw that Target carries GLUTEN FREE sugar cones!  I was like so excited! Gluten free sugar cones, gluten free frosting, gluten free candy (although the little sugar gingerbread man is made in a factory so no gluten in product but may be cross contaminated -- doesn't matter he didn't eat it!).  I always get excited when there are fun things for ALL the kids to do! Because, gluten allergies stink and its much more fun feeling "normal" with your sisters!



It was so much fun.  We are so blessed.  And, this is now the snack they have decided they love!  Tomorrow it'll be something else!


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