Thursday, December 3, 2015


I just cannot believe sweet baby Ash is 9 months old.  It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant and  just yesterday she was born.  All the newborn snuggles, the baby baths and the many firsts we have already been blessed with.  But, it wasn't yesterday - it was nine months ago.  And, about 18 months ago we found out there'd be another addition to our family.  How weird is it that it feels like just yesterday but also feels like she's always been here.

This baby, like every baby, is a blessing.  I cannot even find words to describe how much joy she brings our family.  She loves her sisters and brother. She plays with them and interacts.  She's already learned how to drop food to the dogs, where to crawl to find the dog food, how to get Gator to pick her up, how to get Achoo to grab her toys...she's just so perfect in my eyes. The perfect addition, the perfect gift, and most definitely the perfect blessing.

She says Da when she wants something....and I've only heard MaMa in times of complete panic (ha!).  She stands, cruises, and crawls at lightening speed.  Her favorite food is yogurt and she also enjoys puffs and grapes (obviously cut into very small pieces).  She loves snuggling.  Her favorite toy is the Marble Castleworks.  She can actually put the ball at the top herself and watch it go down!  

Happy 9 Months, Ash!

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