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Week in Review - WEEK 6!

Week 6.

UntitledSo, I'm exhausted.  I just need to come out and let the world know it.  Several times this week I actually thought of other bloggers and their schedules: 6 weeks on, 1 week off. Oh how I wish I made my schedule like that!  With the whole move this year our schedule started off later than I no break for us (yet).  

We got lots done. I actually started our school week last Saturday - yay fun.   But, I was hopeful that if I did school on Saturday and Sunday our week would be lighter. I had lots of big plans so I wanted to get what I could done and accomplished.  Of course, there was a team building event on Sunday so I pressured the kids into Saturday School...only to find out Sunday it was raining so hard the trip was cancelled - Mom Fail...or maybe Mom Win...because why not do school Sunday, too?!  We did a little bit of school and then to make up for the cancelled trip to the Pumpkin Patch I bought a fake pumpkin and let the kids paint it!


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School wise -- we continued with several of the books we had been using and added a few new ones!  The kids actually enjoyed doing some school work on the weekend since it wasn't very intense.  A little here, a little there...but we never did accomplish all that we needed in one day over the weekend!

UntitledExactly what did we do? Well, we did Lesson 11 & 12 in Leading Little One's to God.  We started the book From Akebu to Zapotec (but just read the Introduction).  We continued with Usborne Book of World History...I *almost* got talked into making clay from scratch and doing math on "tablets" but when I said we can do this OR that...they chose our other option playing outside - phew!  We also read a couple more stories in Missionary Stories with the Millers.  We are also doing our own MISSION STUDY -- through Mission India.  Gator is really enjoying it so far! 

Oh...we picked up Little Pear and started that book this past weekend, too!  We are really liking it but I catch myself every now and again calling him Little Bear!  Continued with our Favorite Poems of Childhood and Mother Goose Rhymes, too!

Language Arts (grade 2) was spelling and dividing of syllables...a journal entry, editing some crazy sentences without punctuation.  A few pages (or 8) in Explode the Code book 4, Wordly Wise and reading the Beginners Bible.  For Peanut (LA-K) we are working on a few words "at, mat, fat, rat" a little reading and some copy work and lots of the same stuff Gator did (pretty much anything not labeled grade 2).

Science this week continued with animals and the Usborne World of Animals. We still are focusing on South America - the kids labeled the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River, the rainforest and grasslands....glued the little pictures of the animals that belonged in each area, too.  We also have been playing with magnets still.  A few new magnet projects which I must get around to posting!  This week our hands-on science involved learning about apples, pumpkins and bees at our field trip!  You can read about that (on another post). Oh...and we also learned that Animals react to environmental change by adapting, migrating or hibernating! Phew!! What a week!

I feel like we had a really great week.  We got so much accomplished....and we still had TONS of fun.  On Monday, our homeschool group was supposed to go to the Apple Farm but it had rained so much on Sunday they had to cancel because of flooding.  We were so bummed and it was slightly cold and rainy on Monday but I had promised the kids a good time.  I managed to meet up with a few friends at the local Children's Museum for a couple hours and we had lunch out at Chick-Fil-A!  We still made it home in good time and had a chance to get some school work done (getting ahead for the week)!!

The kids had their activities as usual.  This week I changed it up a teeny bit. When Peanut went for her swim lesson it was actually open swim time -- so into the water Gator went and swam laps.  She worked really hard and got a little workout in!  She's prepping for her first swim meet of the season in a few weeks!!  I can't remember what she's swimming I want to say we signed her up for back, breast and freestyle.  We opted not to do butterfly for the first one because I think it was in a different session.

We managed to go to the Apple Farm on Thursday.  The kids had so much fun learning about apples, pumpkins and bees! We even came home with apples, pumpkins and sadly a bee-sting! :( 

UntitledThe kids and I have been baking a lot this week (we are out of snacks)!!  Gator made rice krispy treats, Peanut helped with granola bites and Achoo helped make chocolate chip cookies! I don't have photos of the granola bites or cookies -- but they were as the kids say, "DELISH"!  Meals this week have been interesting. I started with a meal plan and didn't use it at all. I did make burgers on pretzel bread (as requested by Gator)...everything else was just kind of tossed together!  I'm heading to the grocery store in the next day or so, again...and I'm hopeful to have a better food plan.  I really need some one pot dishes OR crock pot meals but they just seem to all taste the same and be unappetizing :-/  Ideas?

I'm excited for the upcoming week!!!  I have some amazing things planned!  I'm so excited and blessed to be on this homeschool journey with my kids. 

Fun Photos I just had to add: Little Man loaned me his sunglasses when I forgot mine in the house. Vegas insisted it wasn't sunny out so I didn't need to go back in but Little Man said, "Here Momma" (he's such a sweet boy...and for the record, I didn't really need the sunglasses).

Another photo (thanks to Gator) is for my "about me" section when I finally get the blog up and going (soon, soon, soon -- I'm working on some exciting changes)!


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