Friday, May 1, 2015

Week in Review: 19-24

Oh goodness - I did it again.

Life got crazy and I didn't get a chance to do an individual review of all my CC weeks.  I really had this amazing plan in the beginning of the year.  I had hoped to go week by week and make a photo book of everything we had done and accomplished.  I was going to use the blog and then everything would be awesome.  I failed though. I did not keep up with it.  THANKFULLY, I did keep up with the schoolwork and I also kept up with my planner!  I also took LOTS of photos!  (but trying to organize them is a different story)

Weeks 19-24 at Classical Conversations were just crazy.  I was still pregnant with A5 for week 19 and even 20.  I signed up for CC long before we even knew we were expecting a blessing!  Taking all the kids to CC became a difficult task - I had to have everyone ready, lunches packed and chase after A4 while being overly large and ridiculously uncomfortable....while still taking care of everything at home.  Towards the end I started not doing lunch & recess at CC.  We went JUST for class and went home.  I call it survival.  When week 20 rolled around I was so huge, so uncomfortable and decided I needed to not go to class....I made everyone skip.  I decided (since my Mom was in town) we were going to all go get lunch at Tom & Chee.  Have you had Tom & Chee? Oh the deliciousness!!!!!

The next day - I had a baby. Ok, so that's why I felt really uncomfortable and crazy!

The following week (week 21) A5 was 6 days old. I really, really, really wanted to stay home in bed.  But, Vegas gave me a nudge.  He told me it was time to I went.  I think everyone was pretty shocked to see us there but we were!  The kids were glad to see their friends and do their presentations -- can you guess what week 21's presentation was times two --- yup, the baby!  But, Achoo....he brought in his catapult.  (I almost feel the need to add a hash tag here).

Weeks 22, 23 & 24 went fast.  The kids learned a ton of information.  We kept up with our school at home, too.  We did a few fun trips.  On the last day of CC I wanted to scream, "I SURVIVED" but I didn't. I just smiled and said I was happy to have completed the year.

They give awards out for Memory Master -- its when your child (or you) memorize all the information from the year.  My kids didn't memorize 100% of it. We struggled a little with Latin, a little with science....but they memorized 80% of it.  They know information most other children don't learn at such a young age.  I love how they bring the information to life.  They find books and tell me about what they have learned, they'll see paintings and talk about famous artists....they learned so much this year.

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