Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Park

After publishing my summer bucket list I received a few messages and suggestions to find those tadpoles soon.   A friend suggested this local park where she took photos in front of beautiful flowers and near a pond filled with tadpoles.  I thought PERFECT!  I drove around all over unable to find it.  Finally, I did find it.  The place was super small but beautiful.  The dilemma -- there were gardeners there and they wouldn't allow anyone to take tadpoles from the pond since it is their natural habitat.

My sweet friend and I decided we would find a park that had water and possibly tadpoles.  I remembered this park because the homeschool group I'm in hosted a few park days there.  All the parents raved about how much fun the kids had playing.  I looked it up and we went...oh gosh, I was in love.  This park is so perfect....a creek to play in, a play structure, picnic area, grass.....its perfect....

except, its haunted.  And, apparently by a headless ghost and a girl cradling a baby. EEEK.  I don't do scary stuff.  #scardycat I originally thought I'd go to this park all the time....but now I'm not sure if I'll ever go back!

Lastly, my sweet babe is so adorable I may need to invest in a selfie stick, though!

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