Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Week in Review -- SUMMERTIME

Last weekend was the official start to summer!  And, with that we are off and running with our summer bucket list!!!

On Saturday - we met up with friends from Texas!  They have 8 kids and another one on the way!!! Table for 17.5!!! It was so fun meeting up with them again.  I cherish our friendship and then friendship our kids have, too!  I'm already planning to see them next summer when they drive through!

Sunday, the kids had their first ice-cream from the ice-cream truck.  I remember growing up the truck was always in my neighborhood (I lived next to the park) but here we haven't really seen one.  The kids ran out and each picked an ice-cream.  Achoo couldn't decide between Ninja Turtles and Batman -- so we got both and gave one to Daddy.  5 ice creams - $18.  Ouch! The prices have definitely gone up (or maybe I just wasn't paying for them with my money as a kid)!

Monday was a fun little BBQ with friends we met the last time we lived here in Ohio.  We all moved away and came back...but now - they are moving again!

Tuesday our house was hit by a tornado.  I had a meeting to go to so Vegas was getting ready to take A3&4 with him to karate.  Achoo was being stubborn about which shoes he was going to wear and because of that they were slightly delayed leaving.  It started raining really hard and then Vegas opened the garage to get ready to leave.....all of a sudden the winds got crazy and the trees started falling over. There was quite a bit of damage in our neighborhood.  I am so glad we are safe and there were no major injuries from this disaster.  There is a lot of property damage and down trees but we were all very blessed.

Wednesday we spent the day without power until late afternoon....yes, it was hot and crazy!  I'm blessed to have friends that were all willing to help!!!  And, then I went to the grocery store and replaced all the food in our fridge.

We had a homeschool event on Thursday....along with lots of fun errands.

We also managed to cross off "young's dairy" "water balloons" "strawberry picking" and "create a masterpiece" on our summer bucket list!  How fun!!

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