Monday, May 18, 2015

It's ALMOST summer!

We finished school a little over a week ago.  The kids had all of last week to do nothing.  I
almostwent crazy.  I did have to deal with the sick pup so that probably added to the craziness (he gnawed on the stem of my lilies and somehow ended up with pancreatitis #mostexpensivemothersdayflowersever).  We had a fun day at the park to celebrate our first official day of summer break!  The kids had lunch from Chick-Fil-A --- does that count as a picnic?

One day last week, I tried to go to the museum before all the schools let out.  I had to stop at Target to grab some diapers for A4.  She's still not potty trained. I really have plans to potty train her but she's almost a threenager and its tough.  We ran to grab her some pull-ups and that's when I discovered Achoo had no shoes on.  No museum for us.

It was shortly after our attempted trip to the museum when I was reminded of all the fun things I really, really want to do -- this summer/during our time in Ohio.  I talked to the kids and we made a summer 2015 bucket list!  You can see it below.  I have it hanging on our fridge and each time we do something on the list we will cross it off. I'm hopeful that we can accomplish this from Memorial Day to Labor Day filling our summer with lots of fun entertainment and memories!!!

Also, you are probably thinking...why is she back? Well, I'm going to focus on getting things back on the blog.  Just yesterday I was reviewing a list of materials from last school year.  It was fun to read through the blog and see all our posts.  I know it takes a little time out of my day or week but I really need to do it.  It was so fun to look through!  And, my kids are only little once!

What's on your summer bucket list?

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