Tuesday, March 3, 2015


On March 3 -- our amazing baby A5 was welcomed into the world!

My labor was pretty quick this go round (I compare everything to A1's labor which was 47 hours and 28 minutes of pure craziness).  I was in the hospital around 9AM when contractions were coming and going.  Around noon the doctor came in to see if I wanted my water broken to help speed things along.  We opted not to break my water and just sat to see what happened.  Just after 3:30pm my water broke and I was at 5-6cm.  I remember from previous labors it didn't really start to hurt until after my water broke....that's still true.  I also remembered how much my back hurt for weeks after having an epidural with A4 so I was NOT having an epidural this go round.  The contractions got more and more intense and finally around 5:45 they were so intense I gave in and was checked - I was still no further than 6cm!  I immediately started screaming for the epidural because I knew this was not going to be fast!  They came in about 6pm and started the epi -- I did not feel relief at all and was still stopped at 6cm....all I felt was intense pain...I went from 6 to baby in 30 minutes.  Ashlynn Olivia was born at 6:29 pm weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces (she's our biggest baby yet)!  And, then the epi kicked in right after she was born!!  What timing.

We had a great experience in the hospital and even though I thought I was adamant I did not want an epidural it all worked out.  We had great nurses and an amazing midwife.  The doctors (though we didn't see them much) also great!  I had plenty of time to bond with A5 while knowing the rest of the crew was well taken care of by my Mom.  And, quickly was home uniting everyone as a family!

A few photos of her from the hospital:

Coming home from the hospital:

The big siblings with her:

Adjusting to life at home:

I know I say this a lot but I am seriously blessed.  I never could have imagined this gift.

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