Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week(s) in Review: 13-18

Ok....maybe this should read WEEKS in review....but you get the point!

We have been working hard these last 6 weeks at CC.  The kids have learned so many amazing things!  We covered all the States & Capitals before Christmas so now we're focusing on Mountains, Rivers, Lakes....oh what fun!  They are learning about the late 1800's to present.  Science is focusing on Chemistry instead of Anatomy.  With Latin we're translating John 1:1-7 instead of just words.  It really has been a lot of fun!

The thing I loved most about semester 3 of CC is all the fun we had with Fine Arts.  We learned about several amazing artists: Grandma Moses, Rockwell, O'Keefe, Wyeth, Lichtenstein and Davis.  Most weeks, we gathered together in a large room and did art with another class.  The kids learned about each artist and created a sample to take home.  I'm amazed at how much fun everyone had each week.  Each kid had a different favorite artist and at home will practice their favorite artists' technique.  It's pretty amazing.  I even had several awesome pieces of art to add to my growing art wall.  Then, just the other day I realized the kids loved Lichtenstein so they made signs for my door it reads, "mom" and "dad" I guess in case we forget which room is ours!

I've been busy singing songs that get stuck in my head like the first 12 elements of the periodic table, the timeline, states & capitals, and more.  The kids have really enjoyed YouTube lately, too.  We have found some amazing clips on there about everything from The Great American Melting Pot to videos of the Periodic Table.  I'm amazed at how much my 8.5 year old has learned but then I glance across the room to see my 6 year old and 4.5 year old are masters in their own right!  And, wouldn't you know they even have the 2 year old singing the states and capitals!

Along with CC we finished up Math U See Gamma and moved onto Math U See Delta.  We ordered new Spelling You See books (Americana & Jack and Jill).  The kids are still working through several other programs that we had started this year (they have plenty of time to finish those - somehow, they finished these early!)   We even scored an amazing deal on Sonlight Science C & D.  We'll be saving Sonlight D for next fall.

Since I've been oh so pregnant this semester (30 weeks and counting the majority of it -- 37 weeks on Valentine's Day....) I've worked hard at keeping the fun close to home. I didn't want any repeats of December for us (where everyone and I mean everyone was sick....anything we could catch, I think we caught....and finally when we were all better I still ended up at the ER with Achoo who stuck candy up his nose -- another story for another day, yes).  There have been some cool programs and field trips that we've missed out on.  But, I've managed to still find time for fun.  First, I need to add the kids are very, very, very active with their gymnastics & karate programs.  We managed to find time to go to open swim, see a few movies at the theater (Annie, Paddington Bear, and Strange Magic), a visit to our local Children's/Science Museum, a trip to the Aquarium (and Tom & Chee) with Dad, a local homeschool art class, and even joined in with our homeschool group on a safety class!

The kids have had an amazing six weeks of CC.  This upcoming week is our week off -- don't worry, its not really off from anything! We have plenty of school to do and a few appointments, too!  Next week, CC will start again and we'll be focusing on Orchestra!  Maybe A5 will even bless us with her presence this month?

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