Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week 9: Halloween!

Well...this week was full of Halloween fun!  The littles participated in a little Halloween party at our church.  They had an absolute blast and Autzee kept saying "I'm ballet" she didn't realize she was actually Cinderella.  She loved the costume! And, I'm so glad because she had several opportunities to wear it!

Little Man made this pumpkin:

It's a festive monster!  We had 12 other pumpkins that we did absolutely nothing with - whoops!  We didn't even carve a pumpkin this year!  But, it's okay because we had lots of fun picking pumpkins from teeny tiny ones to big giant ones!

I wore this shirt to celebrate the week:

And....I haven't really taken any "belly" shots this pregnancy. I keep meaning to take them but I forget - whoops!  I was 22 weeks pregnant in this photo with A5....who will most likely have a name that begins with an A, too!

We had fun trick or treating at Dad's work:

And, then we even went out to a local indoor place (Thursday).  The weather was really bad on Halloween (Friday) it was cold and rainy and ew!  We visited a local church having a Fall Festival. All the kids wore costumes - they had food, games, inflatables.  The kids had a blast.  It was so crowded though!  You can't tell from the photo below but all the kids are FREEEEEEZING! of the games Gator won this:

Yes...a fish.

Autzee was in total awe of this fish.  She was like "hi fishy" "i like fishy" "you like water fishy".  It was adorable.  Gator named the fish Goldy (which actually was a name suggested by Little Man).

The week obviously (or maybe not so obvious) was filled with lots of other stuff, too! The kids had their normal schedules with extra stuff and we managed to get lots of schoolwork done.  I'm pretty proud of where the kids are this year.  I'm changing stuff around for Peanut.  We were trying to work through a few things we had at great speed but I was almost poking my eyeballs out with pencils.  I used a test to check where she stood Math, Language Arts - and she floored me.  She's middle to end of grade 1 for reading, 2nd grade for comprehension, 6th grade (yes 6th) for vocabulary and end of grade 2 for math.  Obviously....we needed to change what we were doing and find something a bit more challenging. I absolutely love homeschooling because I'm given this option.  Age wise -- she's only supposed to be in Kindergarten (based off the Sept 1 age restriction)...

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