Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 12

I cannot believe it is week 12 for CC!  If you know how Classical Conversations works you'll know its the end of the fall semester and we have a HUGE gigantic break until after Christmas when we start up again.  It doesn't mean we stop school but we do stop Classical Conversations for a chunk of time.  All our studies continue at home during the planned community break, including some CC review material - aside from our planned time off.

Last week, Peanut was sick.  She had a fever Thursday PM and Friday she seemed off.  Her fever spiked to over 104 and I took her to the ER Friday PM.  They did a strep test and also a chest x-ray --- everything was negative.  They assume it was a virus but we treated her fever around the clock over the weekend.

Sunday - I wanted to go to church.  I felt badly about skipping because the kids have been working on their Christmas performance but Vegas had to work and I couldn't take a sick kid to church -- I don't like to share the germs.

I had to make a quick run to Kroger this weekend, too.  I took Achoo for the ride and he got a kids hot cocoa from Starbucks. He walked into the house and said, "I have a secret and I'm happy..." he was just so adorable.  I love having one on one time with all the kids. It's really fun for them to each get time to talk about whatever they want :)

The weather here got crazy cold...well, not too cold over the weekend but its getting cooler and cooler by the day.  Sunday, after the kids went to bed it started to snow....we woke up to this:

And, then we had a delay at CC because of the snow.  I am so thankful for my amazing community and group of friends. They actually took care of Gator and Achoo for me so I could keep Peanut home. She still wasn't fever free and again, I don't like to share the germs.  She's doing much better now though.

The kids did their presentations....little man presented his favorite chocolate chip pokies and Gator presented munchkins (you know the donuts from Dunkin Donuts) and told about how she likes to go to DD with her Nani and that now we have a local DD so when Nani comes to visit she'll go get coffee and donuts.  It was really sweet (from what I hear).  And, the kids were able to share a snack with their friends for the end of the semester fun!  The kids also were able to finish up their human bodies and brought them home for us to hang on the wall.  Here are the finished bodies.  Of course, Peanut had to finish hers at home first.

Look at Peanut finish up her body with the help of Autzee!  Peanut is feeling much better!

The week only got colder from Monday on.  It was COLD COLD and COLDER!  I felt so bad but I couldn't send the kids out when it was 12F and that didn't include the wind chill. The kids played inside a lot this week.  We did a few arts & crafts projects.  I had a friend send some gifts from Europe a couple months ago. We finally did the stickers & airplane projects. We also painted.  The kids did some puzzles.  We played a few board games.  They entertained each other with legos....We kept busy!

Autzee snuggled up several times to fall asleep.  She's been loving to listen to "line music" also known as the Timeline Song from Classical Conversations.  She snuggled up a couple different times this week.  I just couldn't bare to move her because they grow so fast!!!  I haven't taken any real belly pictures this time. It basically comes down to me forgetting and the layout of my home (poor lighting in certain areas) not being easy for me to do it without help.  In the photo where I'm cuddling with Autzee she looks so tiny but the truth is I'm probably just really, really big!

This is the one of her snuggling with the baby.  She is just so precious.  She calls the baby Autzee #2.

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going -- ok, I can. I know they go fast....maybe not the first one but each one after that has gone fast. Time flies and that's probably why I was really okay with just sitting there holding Autzee!  I haven't done much of anything to prep for the arrival of Baby A 5 but I need to probably start planning a few things - I'm 25 weeks along!  We sold almost all of our stuff so I really need more than I have in the past.  I'll need a carseat, wrap carrier, nursing cover, baby seat for inside the house....and maybe a few other things.   I'm pretty specific to what I want (since its #5 I know what works and what doesn't)!  So,  I'll just buy them myself after the holidays!

Speaking of the holidays I did start to prep our holiday shopping.  As in years past we are doing WANT NEED WEAR READ for the kids and of course on gift from Santa.  I ordered a few things online for the kids this weekend and even made a quick trip to Target to take advantage of a few of their sales!  The kids are getting board games from Santa -- yes, one board game each.  And, we didn't get anything huge for them either but this really, really large box arrived and Achoo was convinced it was a tree house and tools.  Sadly, no.  The box actually contains a lot of wrap and two items less than half the size of the box.  I can only laugh when Amazon sends such ridiculous packages! But, I'm actually kind of happy because I can easily stick a few of the Target purchases in the box, too and store them without issue!

I hope you all had a fabulous week and stayed warm!  We are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!  I'm hopeful for a somewhat relaxing upcoming weekend with a little time to plan our grocery list for our holiday feast!

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