Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week 8

Watching presentations at CC. Yes, even the 2 year old had fun![/caption]
Another busy week here!!  This week we focused on worked on Week 8 for Classical Conversations.  The week (like all the others) consists of a lot of different material.  Each week at our Community for CC the kids do a presentation.  Gator and Achoo's presentations went as planned; however, I can't say the same for Peanut!  She had planned to bring in her Elsa balloon from the Church Fall Festival on Saturday.  Everything was a go -- except, when she got in the car she kept playing it it and pop!  Of course, my car is *mostly* clean.  And, I have to say mostly...anyone else would say its clean but my husband always finds my clutter.  The problem is I had NOTHING in my car for her to bring to present....except a contain of putty we bought at the homeschool convention last year. least I had something!

School is going well this week. While I have us listed as "Week 8" in review that just goes along with our Classical Conversations material.  Gator is actually at week 17 on most of her subjects.  Peanut is kind of a mix she's up to week 24 on a few things and back to week 1 on others (we started a new book because she finished a different one last week).

In CC they do all their normal work -- this semester focusing on the tin whistle.  It's so fun to see the kids learning to play the tin whistle because each year they get better and better...of course, they do enjoy it!  We continued to work on our US Geography -- we finally made it to Texas (and like 5 other states but the kids were only really excited about Texas).  They also continued with English, Latin & Science (Anatomy).  The kids are loving it...oh, and I think its really stuck in my head as I sung, "In 1820 Henry Clay..." to Autzee for her nap the other day as I ran out of songs!

We had these in our cabinet to make cookies with...or something.  But, the girls and I decided we would just eat them instead!  Oh my goodness...if you haven't tried them they are delicious.  They are not GF as they are processed in a facility with wheat but oh they are delicious!

The kids had some time to just play together this week....the big girls have been really good at playing games with Achoo (and more importantly being patient with him)!

I was even blessed with an opportunity to take just the big girls out for lunch this week! We used my free noodle coupon and had lunch!  It was delicious and we had lots of fun!

The kids tried to be super helpful on Thursday....we had a field trip to a farm and they wanted my morning to be easy. It was so awesome because I woke up to Gator having made breakfast:

Little man also did the laundry this week....except, he just dumped the dirty clothes into the dryer and told me it was clean!  Then, he told me I never taught him how to do the laundry! (True...because he's 4!)

The hayride was a ton of fun!  Here are the kids waiting...

It was ridiculously cold that morning.  But, the weather did warm up!  They had so much fun on the hayride. It has water, mud, goes up and down hills....we got to get out and grab a pumpkin (1 per kid) and then ride back. At the end the kids all got a cookie.  Little man couldn't eat his and I hadn't prepared well but thankfully he rolls with the punches!  He's such a good kid.  All the kids are, really.

Thankfully by the end of the week it has really warmed back up to perfect fall temps!  The kids spent some time outside playing in the yard. Little Man took the broom to sweep the trampoline for his sisters...

And, they came inside and had this for lunch:

I'm working on healthy and simple.  I have a menu plan I'm going to attempt to follow this upcoming week!  I also found a few new GF recipes so we probably will try those for the Little Man. He was so happy last night when he came home to Peanut having made him GF Pumpkin Donuts!  Oh...they were so easy!  The recipe is here but we just swapped everything to a GF ingredient and enjoyed! :)

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