Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 6.1

This week was our community break week! But, just because our COMMUNITY was on break did not mean we were on break!  We took some time off a couple weeks ago to deal with a hospital visit and travel.  Even though we have been ahead I felt like we really, really, really needed to do school this week!

We have had a great week filled with lots and lots of school. Gator is doing really well and will finish well before the end of this school year.  Peanut is really enjoying K/1 and we are working a lot on reading.  She's doing a great job writing as well!  Little Man keeps working on his letters, sounds, sight words and is constantly drawing me love notes!  Autzee just keeps us on our toes all day long!

This week  was not all about school though!  We actually had a field trip scheduled that got cancelled.  I was so incredibly bummed about the trip being cancelled since we had such an amazing time last year! It did get rescheduled but to a day we won't be able to attend.  The kids were really looking forward to a field trip - so we made our own to a fun place within an hour of our house.  The kids LOVED looking at all the trains!

When you walk in there are some papers of hidden objects throughout the train station.   We tried to keep up with it but it was so hard!  You are supposed to find a hardware store, a man without a leg, a snowman, 10 dinosaurs. and lots of other things!  It is so fun but so hard!  They also have this really cool kid play zone so we had some time to run our energy out!  They constantly change their special exhibit -- with Halloween coming its you guessed it -- FALL THEMED!  They had a small trick or treat area, pumpkin festival, arts & crafts, and more!  The kids all got to pick a small pumpkin to bring home, too!  We walked through more trains, went into another fun zone (complete with some mirror mazes and other events).  We had lunch with friends and then headed home to finish up school for the day!

Little Man had an appointment at the allergy clinic this week.   They didn't do much for him except tell us a little about what he may or may not be dealing with.  They also highly suggested we see a GI doctor (we already have an appointment with them scheduled).  I really hope when we see the specialist later this month we are able to have some questions answered -- but, only time will tell!

I had a follow-up with my doctor this week, too!  Have I mentioned we're expecting A5?  I'm pretty sure I haven't announced it here.  We're due late Winter 2015!  It's hard to believe we're pretty much at the halfway mark - oh, and all went well at the appointment!

We managed to keep busy this week....baking, arts & crafts, school, playing outside, field trips, and the list just continues....

what a week!

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