Friday, October 3, 2014

Week 6

I'm so thankful this week was the end of our first quarter of Classical Conversations!  I have had such a ridiculously crazy September and I really, really need a week to just breathe!

This week at CC the kids finished up their drawing with fine arts. The girls are really enjoying the art from CC.  They are constantly coming home and telling us about the different drawing techniques.  Peanut really loves drawing upside down and Gator enjoys mirror images.  They all love abstract art!  And, we love learn to draw lessons!

We've been busy with school, karate, and of  gymnastics this week.  It's really good to get back into the groove since Vegas headed back to work.  It's quiet here and I miss my helper but it feels good to get back into our groove!

I have been working hard at meal planning. It's hard because I don't really want to eat the same thing every day but the kids do.  We also have a couple picky eaters and when you add in the gluten-free (for little man) it makes things so difficult!  A few times I've actually made a mean filled with gluten and served him something else - he has NO complaints of that because he is so much happier with something just for him!

This week I actually planned to make chicken in the crock-pot for dinner. I was going to serve it with veggies and rice, too.  I went in to check on it and found the crock-pot had been turned off.  I knew I had turned it on and could see it was partially cooked but it was off. I asked all the kids what happened to my crock pot.  Little Man replied, "I don't want chicken for dinner tonight so I turned it off..." I was fuming and laughing all in the same moment! Of course, we were planning on eating in about 20 minutes so it was really bad timing for me to notice the chicken wasn't cooked --- pizza delivery for us!  After I ordered the pizza (dominos since they have a GF pizza Little Man enjoys) I realized maybe I was just played....he won, I lost.  No chicken for dinner, pizza.  Mom fail?

I know I told you I was going to try and get the snacks out of the house but its just so hard. If I get rid of the snacks, what exactly do they eat?  What do I pack for food on the go?  (I pack meals for the Gator 3 days a week).  What can I easily bring to church for Little Man to eat without issue?  (All the snacks they provide have gluten so we need to provide his snack individually wrapped).  What can I pack for snack for FOUR kids for CC?  I mean...I understand pretzels, popcorn, fruit....we do all that but still.

So, Friday I went to the grocery store...but prior to that I thought I should go to Target because they have cheaper snacks.  The KIND gluten-free granola bars can be found for $2.49 (on sale) or $2.99 (regular price) at Target or I can pay $3.99 per box at Kroger.  Yeah...its a savings (especially when I buy four boxes).  Some how
sucker must have been written on my foreheadseveral extra things landed into our cart.  I found myself buying 3 books, a DVD, halloween crafts....ok, so that's all normal, right?  But, how about the tree to hang the Halloween ornaments?  I don't know what I was thinking (
ok, I wasn't) but the kids are happy and it was a good ending to our fun-filled week!

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