Monday, September 15, 2014

What a week - Week 3 in Review

This week has been one of the craziest weeks of my life!!  The weekend was a blast. Little Man got his newest belt in karate on Saturday!  We spent Sunday AM at church and then had lots of fun at home in the afternoon.  We BBQ'd and played outside in the backyard.  The kids were SO dirty they all needed baths.  When Achoo went into the tub I noticed this really large bite on his leg.  I was nervous about it so I drove him to Children's to get it looked at.  But....when I got there I realized it was just too busy to be seen.

I did our regular schooling with the kids and took Achoo to the doctor Monday PM.  He had cellulitis and we needed to treat it with oral antibiotics.  We gave him the medication at 6pm and by 9pm he was vomiting with a high fever.  We ended up at the ER and they couldn't admit him because they were short beds!  We left at 2am with an appt set for our doctor at 9am and by morning he couldn't walk.  He was completely out of it :(

They admitted Achoo to the hospital.  He spent the majority of his time completely out of it and sleeping.

They diagnosed him with a few different things and waited for him to get better. Friday AM they discharged us - he was fine.

But, Friday PM after a dose of medication he was back in the hospital with the SAME issue.  The photo below is blurry -- but if you look at the whites of his eyes you will see they are red.  This is a sign of an allergy. You can also see some of the red spots that developed on his arms as part of his severe reaction.

He was re-admitted for the weekend and had a visit from infectious disease.

They were able to determine we did not have Staph, MRSA or Erysipelas (all original diagnoses).  They were able to do this through the photos I took daily of his leg!  What he was able to diagnose was a SEVERE Sulfa allergy.

The majority of our hospital stay Little Man was completely out of it or crying. It broke my heart.  Thankfully, about 40 hours (+) into our stay he started feeling completely better (when the Sulfa started to get out of his system - the drug is known for a long half life).  Below you'll see how good he started to look when the medicine got out of his system.  Don't mind me -- I have no make up on and I look exhausted, because I am - obviously.

The best part of the week: GOING HOME!  After spending Monday PM in the ER and leaving early Tuesday AM to be admitted Tuesday around lunch...discharged Friday AM to be re-admitted Friday PM....I was so incredibly happy to be home late Sunday PM (just in time for bed)!  And, it looks like he was, too!

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