Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 2

I can't help but wonder -- where, exactly, did my week go?  Well...I think what happened was Labor Day.  Plus, we are still getting into our CC routine so the original 5 day week, turned 4 with the holiday, turned 3 with CC....oh the week flew by!

Peanut got a delivery of some fun books this week.  She's loving working on school work.  She loves to read books and attempt to read them to Autzee.  We also love going to the local library but sometimes having your own books is a lot of fun, too!

I wanted to work on the calendar with Peanut and Achoo....but, Peanut and Gator took over the task:

Peanut and Achoo do work well together on the computer!  I have been letting them play Reading Eggs (it's a love hate relationship there). They love Brain Pop, Jr.  We also watch some random videos on You Tube when I find something I can connect to our Classical Conversations memory work!

It was a busy week....oh...and because I didn't really include a photo of Autzee -- warning chocolate peanut butter and pretzels is delicious but messy!

Hope everyone is getting in the groove!!!  I do have more blogs ready to be published but on hold as I'm waiting for a few photos to upload before sending them live!

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