Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week in Review (week 1): The official start

This past week has been a bucket of craziness!  We celebrated Autzee's 2nd birthday with family fun on Saturday, church on Sunday (with a sno-cone truck for the kids to all enjoy) along with lots and lots and lots of prep for our official start of school Monday!

We had our first day of CC on Monday.  All three of the big kids are in classes this year. This is new for Achoo but since he has heard all about it from his sisters (and watched them practice their presentations he kind of knew what was going on)!  Oh...and for those of you who don't know...I should tell you the kids attend a local Classical Conversations group.  It's a homeschool group (worldwide) that has different campuses. Each campus does the same thing - same schedule, same cycle, same everything.  It's really great!

Here are the kids on their first day of CC this year:

And....then the photo of all the kids (not just the big three who are in class):

And, just so you can see how much they have are the kids on their LAST day of CC (this past Spring):

The kids had a blast at CC.  Little man did a presentation about his "quacker" which we got on Autzee's birthday.  The girls did a presentation on who they are and made little "about me" posters.  I hung out in Achoo's room the whole class I'll be in someone else's room.  Oh...and Autzee hangs out in the nursery with all the 3 and unders!

Tuesday proved interesting since Achoo was supposed to have a follow up appointment at the doctor -- and I had an appoint at the same time!  Dad to the rescue he planned to take Achoo...little did we know all of them would wake up sick and he took ALL FOUR to the doctor solo.  All the kids had ear infections! Yuck!

We had a few down days to relax....we accomplished school but none of our regular activities.  The good news is since we didn't get a chance to do our regular activities I had a chance to go out to dinner with friends!  I brought the girls home some cheesecake....look at them devour it!

We also did some fun inside stuff this week including puzzles, educational TV shows, playing with our sensory bin...

The girls enjoyed our "extras" with our The Amazing 50 States Maze Book and Extreme Dot to Dot Around the USA .  We even had some family game time playing Phase 10 and Uno Attack.

All in all...the week was a success.  We accomplished almost everything we needed to do, enjoyed some downtime and hopefully can report that we're all 100% this upcoming week!

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