Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week in Review (week 0): Last week of summer

So, I'm sitting here thinking where the heck did my summer go?  I made but lost had this huge list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer and I'm thinking did I do it all?  We had an awesome summer: camping, visits with friends & family, birthday celebrations, family time, visits to the museum...oh the list goes on.  But, *sniff* summer is about to come to a halt. Next week we OFFICIALLY start back to school.  I've been doing school lightly since July 8th but it all gets real next week!  I'm planning on doing the Week in Review every week and then making a project with it all later.  I'm counting this week as Week 0 because I did school but it really doesn't count, YET.  And, at some points I will still post a review but it'll be a 1/2 week or something else made up since I'm kind of sticking with our CC schedule week-week!

Let me tell you about this week.  I had to run some errand on Monday which was obviously ridiculously important since I can't remember what it was!  After running errands, I took the kids for lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  It's something we all can eat, so that's good.  Then, instead of playing in the play area at Chick-Fil-A the kids and I ventured to this amazing natural playscape.  It was crazy amazing!  All the kids loved it and were asking for us to make some of these fun things at our own home!  When Gator realized that was a No-Go she said, "Let's make it at the S's house" (they just moved onto an amazing piece of land like 40+ acres).   I thought was a much better idea! Here are some photos from our playtime at the park:

  The kids were
exhausted when we left.  Oh gosh...it was fun.  They had so much fun that the next day I decided we need to hit the park again!  It was hot -- oh, and the funny thing is it hasn't been hot all summer until this week....say what?!  I took them to a local park that has a splash pad and we packed some lunch.  No photos....and the lunch was just horrendous. It was the point at which I ran out of food for the week.  I decided I'm going to push til Friday before shopping. Silly me....that night I had a trip to the store with Peanut but we only bought ONE bag of food.  I needed gluten-free stuff for Achoo and I went to a special store to get it.  Even though we had NO fruit left from a few days prior I refused to buy fruit.  I'm sorry I cannot afford $5.00 an apple....that's what this place feels like.  This bag....it cost $33 and that's WITH A DISCOUNT!  I only bought: small loaf of bread, 4 bagels, 6 tortillas, tub of yogurt, wedge of cheese, box of crackers. Yes....that's it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The kids yummy snack. GF pumpkin bread, swiss cheese & green apples![/caption]

Wednesday:  I took the kids to another park!  And, we went with MORE friends!  They had such an amazing time!! A different park with a splash pad attached.  Such a fun way to enjoy the summer and cool off.

Autzee also moved into her big girl bed.  She learned to climb out of the crib this week and it's officially time - no crib for Autzee!  I'm so proud of her...she was the easiest of all the kids to move into the big girl bed! It must have really been time! This brings me to Thursday.  I slept like crap but not because it was the "baby's first night in a big girl bed" it was just cause...and I was up at 3:30!  The kids have this spidey-sense and before I knew it two of them landed on the couch with me...by 5:45 Autzee woke and I knew the chance of going back to sleep was over.  I did go back to bed and pretend to be asleep but my kids just don't care and neither does Vegas....time to be up!  I had planned on not going to the store til Friday but ended up at TWO stores on Thursday because we seriously had a case of the empties!  And, I'm not quite sure how we got there since I had shopped just 6 days before!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Who is watching this one?![/caption]

We did our regular school work this week...or what has been regular for us this summer: Math U See, Spelling You See, Handwriting Without Tears, Reading, and Arts & Crafts.  I think it was pretty successful.  And, I took some time to prep for next week.  In the upcoming weeks, Gator & Peanut will be filling up their CC Cycle 3 Notebook.  We will also be doing lots of map work (US Geography this year).  There is just so much that CC gives us...you'll see it yourselves over the next few weeks.  Ah...but you know what?  I have to add two things: #1 my library is insanely awesome.  I told them what we were going to be studying and they gave me this!  (Cycle 3 weeks 1-3: Additional books for History, Science, Art) and #2 I took the kids to volunteer this week. I know...you are thinking (or maybe I was thinking it?) they are so young....but I did it. I took all four kids solo to volunteer and they loved it!  We went to a somewhat local non-profit agency that provides service dogs to people with different disabilities.  The kids are going to volunteer with their puppies to help socialize them.  The kids had an absolute blast.  Here you can see some photos of 8 week old puppies and 5 week old puppies.  When the puppies are about 12 weeks old they begin their extensive training.   Some of these dogs are training to warn you about seizures and low/high blood sugars.  Around 18 months these dogs will be placed with different families from all over the world...this program is just incredible!  The kids learned so much and had an absolute blast volunteering! They cannot wait to go back! Well...that's what happened here this week.  I'll be sure to update again next week!

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