Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy August!

The kids have been busy this summer. We did lots of fun things...but, I blogged none of it.  So I look back and I got nothing.  Let's see if I can give you a few photos:

We played outside so many mornings in our pajamas.

And, we played outside in the afternoon too.  Autzee learned out to swing on the big girl swings.  *sniff*

We visited the museum to celebrate the fourth of July!  We also did some fun explosive science experiments!

We included magazines in our summer reading.  Gator loves the American Girl magazine so we actually got her a subscription for her birthday!  <oh, and yes we celebrated her birthday...a blog post on that soon>!

We visited the County Fair! The kids love rides!

But...we also love downtime, too!  We've kept up with Wild Kratts this summer <a favorite show of the kids>.

We met with our dear friends from Virginia!  The last time we saw them they visited us in Texas just after we moved....and it was just SIX kids between us! Now, we have EIGHT....how many will we have next time?

As you can see....it has been awhile since I've been back to the blog. I don't intentionally leave the blog things just happen and I get busy.  I'm hoping I'm back though!  As you can see from our summer we had lots of fun! We played outside, celebrated holidays, visited museums, met up with friends...oh the list goes on....and there was just not enough space or time to write about it all.  It was a fantastic summer filled with lots of fun, family, friends & memories!

My goal for the year is to do Week in Review for school.  It's always hard to know really what week I'm in so I decided to go with the schedule of Classical Conversations weeks.  We actually already started school but our "official" first day will be when we start Classical Conversations (end of August).  In my next post (or one of my next posts) I will tell you about our plan for the upcoming school year! I hope you'll follow along on our adventure of Classical Conversations Cycle 3!

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