Friday, April 11, 2014


March was almost a blur.  I actually took lots of photos on both the iPhone and the actual camera.  And...kept thinking I need to update...but I didn't.  Instead - I focused on family, finishing up CC (though it actually finishes in April) and looking ahead to the next year and curriculum. Here you can read my last WEEK IN REVIEW post.  I keep meaning to get back to it but I'm not sure what week I am at since my curriculum is no longer marked by the week.  I finished Sonlight Core B (36 weeks) but then decided to take a little time off before starting up again. The plan is we will continue doing school until June and take the month off. I'll do school again, July and August but then take a couple weeks in September off....I'm also planning on the entire month of December off! Oh - and you want here goes....lots of stuff happens here!  We have had some nice weather so the kids were OUTSIDE but even with nice weather we do schoolwork...and its not always workbook based! I love manipulatives!

The little dude is a huge helper at the grocery store....and a lover of Starbucks, too!  Kids Hot Chocolate is the BEST according to him!  I really wish they'd grow a gluten-free menu of baked goods so he could have something else but this works :)

I have been working hard at adding lots of gluten-free options to our household.  Obviously, little man can only eat gluten free so whatever we can find to substitute things he once had and loved we do!  If you had asked me a few months ago about going gluten free I would have been in tears...I have to say it is honestly very, very easy!  I do have to add that I don't think everyone needs to eat gluten free and it isn't (in my opinion) really any healthier.  <unless of course you are the little man who breaks out in a huge rash all over your body from eating it....or have celiac etc.>

I made these amazing GLUTEN FREE donuts when Uncle Andrew came to visit in March.  I used the Wilton Donut Pan along with the Stonewall Farm Gluten Free Mix.  You can use whatever...I just did the out of the box method!

Autzee the happy donut eater!

Ok - I know there were more photos...and more everything!!! I will be back to upload more photos soon in a new post and hope to be back to blogging regularly!

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