Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week in Review 30 +

This week has been great.  I spent a lot of time prepping for our big meeting with the homeschool assessor.  The laws here require you to either test your children or have a written narrative assessment completed from a licensed professional.  I have worked so hard at getting ahead of the game with our schooling and decided to schedule an appointment this month.  I wanted to have enough time to "fix" things if we needed to go back and cover any material.  But, great news! I don't need to fix anything!!!  We actually did MORE than enough to be finished for the entire year!  Of course - I am not done with stuff! It will just lessen our craziness...

We have been loving Classical Conversations.  I've decided to swap things up a little...we will be using our History Sentence as copy work instead of just random copy work.  I also decided to buy Handwriting Without Tears.  It's a great handwriting program for kids of all ages.  I'm going to be using it with all the kids!  Little Man has actually been using the program at OT and I really enjoy it!

I may have forgot to tell you we had the Little Man in OT and Speech.  But, we went through a rough patch where he had this horrible rash  and he became the pickiest eater. I thought it was a Sensory Disorder.  But, we actually found it was  Gluten Allergy.  Since cutting out Gluten (and we cut Dairy out too) his rash completely disappeared, he started eating new foods and his overall attitude changed!  He has accidentally been re-exposed to gluten twice -- he broke out both times in hives/eczema. Confirming, allergy.  We actually added dairy back in just five days ago.  It is VERY limited but so far, he's fine. This makes my life a million times easier! It's hard to be gluten-free but its harder to be gluten AND dairy-free!  Little Man was SO EXCITED to have a grilled cheese sandwich (on GF bread):

We have been busy loving Math U See.  It is really such a great Math program....

And...I have been enjoying Sonlight's Reading selection.  Here Gator is "reading" to the baby...or she's actually just reading while the baby sleeps. Is this not the most adorable thing ever?

so, that's pretty much what went on this week.  We did have all our regular activities (gymnastics & swimming) and even managed to have a rare afternoon of relaxation to watch a movie at home.  I wish I kept up better with my Week in Review posts this past year.  My plan for next year is to do a better job keeping up with it!  I'll be attempting to continue Week in Review but since I'm finished with 2nd grade this is all just fun-filler time and I'll be labeling them with just "week in review".  I can't wait to see what the next few months brings us.  I will "officially" start pre K, gr 1 and gr 3 the second week of July! It'll be here fast!

Happy ALMOST Weekend, Peeps!

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