Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in Review 23 & 24

We have been so busy the past couple weeks.  I'm not even sure where to start.   School and activities are keeping us crazy  entertained.   Winter has been brutal.   The snow just keeps falling and falling and falling.  Luckily we homeschool and the kids don't have to go far for their education.  Lots of the public schools have cancelled and delayed school upwards of 8-10 days this year!

Gator has been so busy with school.  We have worked hard on Math.  I did a quick review of Beta (Math U See) and we just started Gamma.  She's doing so well and I feel like this program is a great match for us!  We are continuing with Sonlight Core B.  We have been doing the LA, Spelling, History and Bible through Sonlight.  Gator has enjoyed reading Owl at Home, Frog & Toad, Mouse Tales and Greg's Microscope recently.  I'm working on her handwriting and cursive through Prescripts.  Science, History & Art we focus on Classical Conversations.

The girls have both really enjoyed Classical Conversations this year....I'm always amazed at the knowledge.  This year they are focusing on the geography of Europe. I have to laugh because I'm not sure I knew where these countries were located!  Classical Conversations also offers Fine Arts and right now the kids have been busy learning about famous artists!  This past week they learned about Degas and did art projects of chalk on cloth.  It was lots of fun!

Peanut is busy writing, learning to read (with Reading Eggs) and doing Math U See, too!  She also follows along with Gator's Sonlight materials and keeps up with CC, too!

Achoo focuses on lots of hands on activities. We have some great apps on the iPad, lots of coloring, playdoh, cutting & gluing....and even Math U See for him too! I also have a trial for Reading Eggs going but he isn't as independent on it so its a tad difficult.

We have done so many amazing projects the last couple weeks including making moon dough, creating marshmallow dough, photo props for Valentine's Day, baking, playing in the snow.....oh the list goes on! And, I want to share photos from everything but I'm hopeful to divide these posts up for you!  We also had lots of fun at our gymnastics & swim meets.

For the moment -- enjoy this adorable photo of Baby A :)  More soon!!!

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