Sunday, January 12, 2014


A million and two things have been going on recently -- between us all having the flu (ok, not Vegas but everyone else), holidays, travel...but we're back!  And, I'm so ready to get back to our schedule and blogging!  I've missed you!

Last week we started back to school - Sonlight Week 18!  We were supposed to start back up with Classical Conversations but the cold, snow and icy roads forced a cancellation.

oh...and the Little Man likes hot cocoa, too!

It probably was best we had the week off from CC as we were able to slowly ease into our groove.  I did feel badly when CC cancelled because the girls had worked so hard on their presentations!

Things went so well.  First, I'm excited to say I got a Well-Planned Day book to try out.  I'm not sure how "well-planned" my days are but so far I'm really liking it.  I also tried this new program (actually, its probably not new) called Plan to Eat.  A few of my friends were raving about it.  It's so easy....but let me tell you this. I'm not signing up. It's far too time consuming compared to what I already do.  Thanks, but no thanks.  And the grocery list had me walking aisles FOREVER.  Back to the old way of life this week proves much easier and I shopped in far less time!  I think in an upcoming post I'll perhaps tell you how I plan my meals.

The little folks got back into the groove of school. Achoo worked on his letters, shapes and cutting.  Peanut worked in her Before the Code book and Horizon Math.  We read, they listened to Gator read and followed along with a few of Gator's assignments.  Gator...oh, Gator.  Halfway through second grade brings tears!  Time is seriously flying so fast. It seems like just yesterday *I* was in second grade!!

What's up for this week?  Well...everything!  I have a couple reviews to post, Mom's Library, hopefully a couple other valuable posts and I'd like to get back into the swing of "My Week in Review".    What's up for you this week?

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