Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY 2014!


I can't help but share this adorable photo of  Baby A blowing her New Year horn and wearing her adorable teeny tiny celebratory hat!  We took a quick trip back to Massachusetts to visit our family after Christmas.   We had an absolute blast. The kids wished we were able to stay longer but I think the timing worked perfectly!  I wanted to spend Christmas here in our home. It's always our rule...we always spend Christmas in our home -- the kids wake up with memories :)  Then, we left Massachusetts on New Year's Day and headed back to Ohio.  I'm so glad we left when we did because Massachusetts got hit with a TON of snow!  I was nervous about getting stuck in snow but it all worked out -- we made it home with no snow!  We unloaded the car and fell asleep to wake up to several inches of snow!  We stayed in the first day we were home (the roads were terrible) but I was forced out the second day to get groceries.  Here is a photo from our trip out...gorgeous, right?

Back to Mass though.  We had such a good time.  Here the kids are being silly:

We let the kids watch the trapeze school.  Oh....not the smartest idea - now Gator wants to try it!  Achoo's highlight of the trip was all the MnMs.  He absolutely loves chocolate of any sort but a favorite - MnMs.

We also saw both sides of the family (well, as many friendly faces as we could)!!!  I wanted to get into Boston but they are doing some work on the tunnel and with it being Christmas break we opted to skip it.  The kids were itching to go ice skating but we just couldn't pull that off.  So, we took the kids candlepin bowling and they had a blast!  Even Baby A was interested in the whole rolling of the ball! the year begins!  No big resolutions but I do plan on being more active on the blog again!  Hope you'll continue to follow my journey!

Happy 2014 Everyone!!

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