Friday, December 13, 2013

WEEK 13, 14...AND OH YEAH, 15!

Well...I didn't blog about my week in review last week or the week before because it was just too busy.  And, I almost forgot this week, too!  Geesh!  So, a couple weeks ago I managed to get school done on the weekend and a couple solid days of school early in the week. It totally made me feel ahead of the game since a few of the local schools here had the entire week off for Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving was not a break for us....we actually drove from Ohio to Virginia and back to Ohio in four days!  We left on Thursday (yes, Thanksgiving Day) and returned home Sunday.  We spent Friday & Saturday checking on our home, cleaning a few things up and prepping it for new renters.  I wanted to see so many people and do so many things but with such limited time I didn't get everything I wanted done!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384"] My VIRGINIA babies[/caption]

I was excited to see a couple of our neighbors - it has been so long and we're so blessed to have had such a great community there.  The kids were so excited to play with Uncle were ALL OVER HIM.  I had a chance to visit my VERY FIRST FRIEND in Virginia!!!  Achoo was so comfy at her house he just fell asleep!! We also had a chance to meet up with our dear friends for dinner on Saturday night!  My kids were so excited to see them (or, I should say they were excited to see their kids)!  We had lots of work to do at the felt good to be there.

I did get a moment to sneak away to the beach and take a photo for our Christmas card.   It was cold so I bribed the kids with hot cocoa from Starbucks!!

The drive home wasn't too exciting....but it was beautiful.  We had a lot of time to talk about different things so I really enjoyed the ride.  I was definitely ready to be out of the car when we got home! Of course by the time we got home I was only out of the car for a few moments before I jumped in the car to get groceries!

Last week was pure chaos.  I was knee deep in advent activities -- we are loving our Family Advent Calendar I printed off.  But, also I had a few kids with sniffles and crazy weather.   Winter has still not officially arrived so I was not prepared with boots or jackets (for me) and it made the week a bit difficult.

This week I got lots of school done in chunks.  We'd go, go, go, go and go...then crash and burn and go, go, go, go, go.  I keep dreaming of NEXT week and thinking it would be nice to take off the entire week.  I don't think it'll happen since that would make for a REALLY long break....

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Buddy the Elf hung all the undies on the tree![/caption]

So...enough want to know what we've been learning?  Well - so much crazy stuff!!!  We did a weeks worth of spelling each week. Gator finished up with 100% on all those tests.  Its kind of funny though because I really think these words are easier than the ones a few weeks ago!  We used Explode the Code since the words go hand in hand with our spelling!  And, I have been continuing with Leading Little Ones to God lessons 27-35.  We did Math and finished book 1 of 2 -- so, now we're on the last half of our Math for the year!  We have been doing some Science and History but over the last three weeks I can't really tell you what's what....!  Together we've been reading The Year of Miss Agnes -- it is a great book!  She's been reading a few other books on her own and often goes and re-reads them!  We have quite a collection of library books waiting for us and also waiting to go back to the library!  Peanut has been doing some school work, too! She's working on Math and Reading.  She's been practicing her writing.  Achoo even jumped in to work on tracing things and folding.  The kids have all enjoyed doing extra crafts during the holiday time, too!

Here is Gator's un-editted version of her persuasive letter to Dad.  She's basically trying to convince him to let her stay up until 8:30 instead of just 8:00pm.

(There are misspellings in this obviously but what's funny is she caught most of them when she was reading it back to me the first go round!  All in all, not shabby for a 7yr old!)

We even had a field trip to the pizza place this week! Lots of fun and definitely YUMMY!

I've been busy reviewing for Mosaic Reviews!  My most recent review is a box called HelloFresh.  It is absolutely can see the last two meals I've made Steak and Brussel Sprout Stir-Fry and Chile Shrimp with Corn Relish!  Tonight, I'll be making the last meal in the box!

This week I hunted down some boots for the snow we're due to get this weekend. I settled on these:

I also wanted to get a jacket but opted to just try on the one I swore didn't fit...oh, it fits...score!  I was going to upload the photo of me wearing the jacket but it isn't that great of a photo!  I bought the kids some snow shovels, prepped some Christmas presents and just kept all around busy!

Our homeschool group did a Christmas Party today.  I felt really bad skipping it but, I just couldn't justify the cost of the meal, the hassle of going up with the kids to get food and the $10 gift-swap per kid (especially since we have other gift swaps going on).  As a special treat I took them out for a special lunch at Noodle & Co. I'm on their e-mail list and I had a BoGo offer which made lunch (including drinks) for all five of us a whopping $14.55!!!!  Here is Baby A sitting at the big girl table eating some of Peanut's macaroni and cheese!  Doesn't it look delicious??

I'm looking forward to Christmas -- its just such a joyous holiday!  I am hopeful next week will be even more Christmas focused!  It is the SEASON!

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