Friday, November 1, 2013


This week I decided to change a few things up - so far, so good!!!  The kids and I didn't actually get any school accomplished over the weekend -- this is a first and its OK!

So, week NINE was filled with activity!  We ran errands over the weekend, enjoyed dinner with friends (including a chocolate fountain) on Saturday AND had a swim meet on Sunday  for Gator.  She enjoys swimming but I don't think she loves it like many of the other kids. I think she absolutely loves, loves, loves....eats, sleeps, breathes....loves gymnastics!  It's not that she doesn't like swimming. She does. She enjoys attending every practice but when it comes to the competitions she doesn't care about placing or the fact its a race. She just has fun swimming.  And, that's okay!  Now, gymnastics however -- that's a whole DIFFERENT story.  She's got goals there....big ones!

Monday was our Classical Conversations day.  We spent it at the community learning our new material.  I'm really loving Classical Conversations - I cannot tell you how much.  It is an amazing program!!! I absolutely love the other families who attend the program, too!  This week for Classical Conversations the kids (Gator and Peanut) learned about:  the age of absolute monarchs, the Caribbean (locating different places on the map), Interrogative Pronouns, 1st Conjugation Endings Pluperfect Tense (Latin), Skip Counting 15's, the names of the planets....we also planted flowers and played the tin whistle!  It was a full week for CC.  The girls are even singing along to the Timeline Song.  We don't have it down 100% but its going well.

The rest of school for this week included:  Leading Little Ones to God Lesson 18, 19 & 20.  We started the book Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (and Daddy's reading it just because I giggle when I hear him say Piggle Wiggle -- similar to how we have two schnoodles just so I can say schnoodle)!  We're continuing with Horizon Math and focusing on Calculadder for fun - addition and subtraction facts.  If you have never done Calculadder it is a series of worksheets with problems on it. You time the child and see how fast they can get it done. They have 2 minutes to do the entire page and get it correctly before moving to the next level.  Gator thinks it's a great game. We've done Sonlight LA - spelling is going great this week!  I've started printing off the spelling words and having her trace them daily. Also, after the pre-test she wrote each one she got wrong ten times. It is a lot but it's getting it into her head :)  And, speaking of copying things....we are learning cursive.  Many schools do not teach cursive these days but  as a homeschooler I want Gator to know how to properly write!  Language Arts also included reading, copywork, creative writing and wordly wise.  I skipped the suggested required reading this week and let her read from her new library books - she's loving them!  Also, since it was the last week of October we did the "October Me" writings. This is Peanut's picture. "I turned 5. I had a party with my friends." We also did Sonlight Science with Animals & Magnetism.  Most of our science this week focused on our Classical Conversations.  Gator really found a love for the solar system so we ran with it.  She watched some Magic School Bus into the solar system and we had a field trip to the museum.  The girls each drew pictures of the solar system!

I had to run to Target this week for random things and while I was there I noticed most of their arts and crafts projects were 50% off.  I picked this up for Peanut and Achoo.  It was a great keep them busy project for $4!

This week we also had our regular activities (swimming and gymnastics).  We had a dentist appointment for both Gator and Peanut -- and a clean bill of health!  We celebrated Halloween with a trip to Krispy Kreme for a free donut in the morning and then picked up the kids Halloween Surprise!!!  Papou came for a visit! We took a visit to one of the local historic parks here.  It was great!!  We learned a lot about the history of Dayton, OH.  I NEVER knew that Ohio had so much history!!! Then, we attempted to go Trick or Treating but it was so cold and rainy we landed with indoor plans - it all worked out! I think it was an amazing and very successful week.  I'm looking forward to the weekend and what next week brings!  I cannot believe it is already NOVEMBER! The year has flown by!!! This weekend we are busy with both gymnastics AND swim.  I am planning a trip to the grocery store so I will be attempting to make a list of some great one-pot meals (crock pots, casseroles...anything quick and easy).  Also - if you could spare a few prayers for my dear friend and her family  I would appreciate it. Her six-year-old daughter was injured this past week while they were traveling and they are still in the hospital.
H A P P Y    W E E K E N D!

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