Thursday, November 21, 2013

WEEK 12!

I can't believe it is already week 12.  Wait, don't I say that every week?!

Things have been really busy this week but it has been great!  So, last weekend Gator had a swim meet.  After our first swim meet (the one where Vegas worked, I was dying and had all four kids running around like crazy) I opted to hire a baby sitter.  The decision to hire a baby sitter was probably one of the best I've made in awhile!  It made the day a million times easier.  The middle A's had an amazing time with J (the baby sitter) and the Big A and Little A enjoyed the swim meet!  Oh...and I didn't have to worry about any A's that weren't supposed to be in the pool falling into the pool (yes, I really did worry about that at the other swim meets!)

Gator had a good time swimming but I'm almost positive its not her sport.  While we were at the swim meet she kept asking to practice gymnastics.  She was doing cartwheels and splits in between races!  And, the ride home instead of talking about guessed it GYMNASTICS.  This weekend the kids also decided to make their Christmas list...imagine my shock when it consisted of gymnastics equipment: beams, bars, vaults, rings, monkeybars, climbing ropes, etc!!!

The kid (like I have told you before) loves -- lives, eats, breathes, dreams....everything gymnastics!  And, that's ok!  I'm excited for Peanut, though, as she's starting out swimming with the team.  MAYBE its her thing!  She's so excited to be "on a team".  And, she's loving all the other kids on the team, too!

Sunday came and went so fast...I'm not sure what happened Sunday!  Well, now that I think of it I did a lot of school.  I knew the week would be really crazy busy and I wanted to get as much as I could done on Sunday!  We also prepped for the crazy weather that flew through here late Sunday PM.

Monday...oh was our last Classical Conversations meeting until after the holidays!  The kids had so much fun playing their tin whistle, making solar system papers and doing their presentations!  Last week, Gator had a difficult time doing her presentation so we came up with a clever way for her presentation -- VIDEO!  She was so happy with how it came out and is already "thinking" about doing it again!  I am just so happy with how Classical Conversations has been improving our homeschool!!

So, I joined this group called Homeschool Swap Adventures and I'm so excited about it!  I'm prepping an "OHIO" package to go out.  Gator is writing a letter and we will be including lots of fun maps and brochures!  We took a trip to our favorite park and grabbed some brochures! We also brought along my amazing friend, Sarah and her adorable daughter A (what # should her A get....she's not really A5 LOL - maybe A3.5 since she falls between by 3 and 4?!)  We had a great lunch and the kids enjoyed riding the carousel!

I used the trip to the park to get a family photo for our Christmas cards.  I came up with this photo which I loved but when I talked to Vegas about it we decided maybe we should go back to the drawing board and aim for lighter faces, better focus and not as busy of a background (the trees).  But...that said, I thought it was a success since I did have all FOUR kids looking at the camera!

Also, we took a little trip over to the Wright Brother's Plane. It's their second plane (the first one is located at the Smithsonian in DC).  Peanut schooled the volunteer on the plane.  She had taken the tour one other time and absolutely LOVED it so she told this sweet old man named Jack everything he ever wanted to (and already knew) about the Wright Brothers and the first planes.  Ha!  She particularly likes telling everyone they flew on their bellies.  Little Man added some help, too!  He told Jack "it goes weally weally high in the sky" but really it didn't go all that high but anything is high for a 3 yr old!

One of the hardest things I have been dealing with this week is my pup, Biscuit.  He's really not a "pup" as he's 9.5 years old but he's our first "baby".  You may remember me mentioning his eye issue last week.  We ended up having to take him to the walk-in vet clinic as his eye was not getting better on its own.  They diagnosed him with "allergy eye".  I was pretty sure this wasn't it.  I had to wait a few days but we took him to our vet.  The infection hasn't cleared and he's not himself.  They are testing him for diabetes and liver disease.  My heart just absolutely aches and I find that I have been extra teary-eyed these past few days.  It brings back memories for my dog, Nutmeg who passed away on his 9th birthday from complications to diabetes.  I should have some results and information tomorrow (if I'm lucky) but most certainly I'll know something after our follow up visit early next week!  (BTW -- who took this photo? It's the only A not in the photo!)

Oh...did you want to know what we've been doing with school?! is the "quick" version.  We did Math - 5 lessons and a test.  She scored 99%!  She's doing great with addition, subtraction and multiplication!  She's did spelling and score 100% on her test this week!  I'm super proud of her because spelling is not always her easiest subject.  She has been reading a lot.  I can't even begin to tell you how many books she's completed this week or started...the newest one today is Ramona Quimby.  She has been working with Explode the Code (book 5) but I'm realizing this is one of her least favorite subjects.  Too bad, so sad - I already own book 6 too!  She's doing great with cursive (thanks to Prescripts) and I love how it works on each letter individually but also has a picture to color or a little drawing lesson!  Language Arts (yes, includes reading, spelling and explode the code, too) has some copy work.  I've been having some issue with her copy work since its a bit sloppy but she is getting better when she sits and focuses.  This week she wrote a poem.  I'm not sure its the best poem ever but its pretty darn cute:
Cherries are so yummy in my tummy.  Cherries are so red and sweet not like feet.

Language arts also has focused on homophones.  I felt so stupid this week when it asked for the homophone of AUNT and I had no idea what it was. all comes down to the fact that I don't pronounce it ANT.  Because if I did say ANT...I'd know the homophone was ANT.  Anyways...we watched the Brain Pop video on homophones - Gator loved it!  And, I also took a moment to message the people over at Sonlight to tell them there could be some regional dialects that interfere.  I basically suggested maybe they shouldn't use this one in their book (you know for when they update their information).

Okay - so aside from all that good stuff....we also read Buried Alive Pompeii, Tut's Mummy Lost & Found, Usborne History of the World, Leading Little One's to God.

The kids have been belting out the Timeline Song from Classical Conversations. It's amazing to hear them sing it.  Peanut tells me every time, "my favorite part of the timeline is JESUS THE MESSIAH..." The kids listen to it while they do puzzles, color or play Polly Pockets and legos! It's really all too amazing. I'm in love.  Below you'll see Peanut using our GeoPuzzle Europe.

This week I also received our Citrus Lane boxes - aren't they awesome?  If you use the LINK you can save $10.00 on your first box!

And...I was serenaded by Achoo "I love Bacon, I love Bacon, I love Momma..." and you know what he gets? BACON!

This weekend will be amazing! It's hard to believe next week is Thanksgiving!!  I can't believe the year has flown by so fast!! Any special plans to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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