Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 11.

Say what?! I cannot believe we are at week 11.  Didn't I say that about week 10 though? The year is FLYING by...though, days like today sometimes go at a snails pace, too!  It has been a good week though and I've had lots of cuddles!!

So, last weekend we took the kids to the Lowes Build & Grow clinic again. They had lots of fun building their own cars. I'm so happy they enjoy it since its a great learning experience and family fun (free, too!).  Next month Lowes will be doing a TRAIN.  It looks cool but sadly, we won't be attending as we didn't sign up in time!  Our Lowes is full...and that's okay because we actually have plans that weekend!

Sunday the kids all helped rake the backyard. They spent quite a bit of time outside in the yard (which reminds me I took my good camera outside and actually took photos!!!).  It was a bit chilly on Sunday so they all were bundled up.  I let Azee out in the yard just for a short period of time but mostly it was the big three playing ALL DAY LONG!   In the end, the yard -- but only the fenced in backyard netted over 15 ridiculously large bags.  It actually (do I dare say this?) doesn't really look like its raked.  Plus...we have our giant side yard and front yard both....I'm sure those will net DOUBLE what we already got!

Monday morning the kids had our weekly Classical Conversations...but, Azee woke up sick :(  I was so sad when she had a temp - 102.4 so I had her hang at home with Daddy. He played with her a bit but mostly she snuggled up and slept or ate (she never lost her appetite)!  The big three came to CC and had a great time.  Both girls really enjoy their classes and I'd say Achoo enjoys it too!  The kids are learning about Space still so for science we went outside and launched rockets.  The girls loved it.  Achoo even got to see a couple of the Estes rockets go off.  Now...surprise, surprise they all want rockets for Christmas!

Tuesday was a pretty low key day because Azee still wasn't feeling well.  We got quite a bit of school work accomplished and lots of cuddles.  Peanut had gymnastics and swimming.  She was officially given the OKAY to swim with the swim team!!  Peanut just turned 5 in October so she's SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED.  So, now she swims 2-3 times a week!  She's such a fish and is so happy to be part of the team (she's wanted this since she was swimming with Coach James in Texas)!  I also put some new wall decals up and moved around our furniture in the playroom to make it work better.  Achoo is so excited to have Spidey-Man in his room!

Wednesday was a long day. I woke up at about 1AM with Azee having a 103.8 temp.  Enough of the fevers - I was going to the doctor!  I told everyone I was sure it was her ears...or maybe it was her teeth.  How I was surprised - pneumonia!  And, her only symptom was 3 days of fevers.  She started antibiotics and continued the advil.  She's doing much better...I can already see her improving. She is still very fussy though....which brings us to - Thursday...a day spent mostly holding Azee.  We got a bunch more school done today. I was hoping to finish the week today but we still have a few things to knock off tomorrow (Friday)!

I did get some baking done but not as much as I'd like. We made some double chocolate mini muffins. They were a hit for Achoo.  I wasn't in love but Achoo loved them.  I really wanted to make a gingerbread muffin but believe it or not - I'm lacking some key ingredients.  Have no fear -- I added them to the grocery list!  Now...look at this cute picture from last week when I went to the grocery store.  Peanut riding around in the car drinking this what the future holds?

Side note - the kids do not like these snowmen cookies sold at Starbucks.  Ew.

Now...for actual school we accomplished an insane amount of school. I did a little bit on Sunday, some Monday, lots Tuesday, Wednesday and appears I still have some to do tomorrow, too!  (I'm writing this on Thursday PM though it may not post until Friday).  Anyways...we did Leading Little Ones to God (lesson 24, 25 and 26  - I can't tell you how much my kids really enjoy this book).  We did five lessons of Horizon Math for each kid plus calculadder, Language Arts and Spelling.  Both girls started new Explode the Code books!  Gator did a bit in Prescripts - but still has a bit more to do.  That's her learning cursive book.  I'm loving it...really, great book.  We read from Usborne Book of World History and learned about Egypt, Mummies and Pyramids.  I rented a movie from Redbox that had a Mummy in it (Tad: The Lost Explorer) -- the kids thought it was related to the schoolwork but it was really just because Peanut picked it out.  We read more from our Animals Book, practiced our CC material.  We even watched a movie about Space (Space Warriors)- yes, that was planned. The kids really enjoyed it. I feel like the amount of 'tv watching' we did this week was not the greatest plan but honestly it was not really all that much AND we were in the house a lot since Azee was sick.  So, Gator and I watched a movie about Georg Muller (german missionary in the 1800s).  Peanut and Achoo did a little bit from The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading...its a good book. I used it to teach Gator how to read and really loved how it worked. I just don't know that it'll be as easy with these two....

There was a bunch of reading done -- lots and lots and lots of books about outer space.  They are stacked up in the office right now so I can't tell you what the books are but Gator loved them.  We still have to read from Henry Huggins, Tut's Mummy, Pompeii....and watch Magic School Bus Episode 11 (its about space) and a few tracks on our science DVD.

I bought some MnMs this week and I've been using them to play games.  I'll ask the kids a question and if they get it right they get an MnM in their cup....well, they love the game.   Tonight, the girls wanted to play against Daddy.  It was really quite funny because he was scratching his head about some of the stuff.  Just so you know the Math Guy can skip count -- he got all those correct! I also asked Achoo to spell his name and I'd give him an MnM.  He replied with, "A....ok, now give me an MnM." I said what comes next he's like..."You give me candy".  I don't think he really understood the game nor did he care to play...

Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be an insanely busy day and that just leads to our insane weekend! It'll be fun and I'll hopefully get a chance to update you soon!

Oh...and I almost forgot...IT SNOWED! are a collections of "extra" photos....because for some reason the one thing that made baby Azee happy was getting her picture taken....

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Happy Weekend!

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