Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 10!

Well, here we are at week 10 of 36!  So, more than 25% of the way into the school year.  Things are going well and I'm loving everything that we are doing!!   This past week was extremely busy since my Dad came into town for a visit!!  We had so much fun going here there and everywhere!

Last weekend was Gator's FIRST gymnastics meet here in Ohio.  She had so much fun and enjoyed every moment of it!  She placed 7th AA!  (7th ALL AROUND -- meaning that her score from beam, bars, floor and vault all added together placed her 7th).  She placed on each event except the vault.  Last year the vault was one of her best events but this year it appears she needs a little work.  Gator did great on the fact, she was so thrilled with her routine she was beaming!!!  I have some video from the gymnastics meet (you can see it below I only have two of the events on the video and no scores of Gator's were listed.  Any scores seen are from previous gymnasts or other gymnasts on other events).  I didn't get any photos but I did see a few from our team photographer!  These are the ones I ordered:

She definitely has the ability to improve on all the events. She looked over her video and found a few small errors that she's going to work on -- Gator is definitely a dedicated gymnast!  I can't seem to embed the video into the blog so you can look at it here and here.

Let's see...what else?  We did school on Sunday to help along our week.  I needed it because we had big plans this week!  So, for school this week we did: Leading Little Ones to God lesson 21, 22 & 23.  We read more in Piggle Wiggle.  We started Henry Huggins.  We did lots of Math - five lessons AND a math test.  We did Spelling complete with a test!  She finished Explode the Code book 4.  I've decided to go into Explode the Code book 4.5 because I have that book.  I'm not sure how much Explode the Code is really helping....but...I don't think its hurting so we're continuing along with it.  We finished up some reading in the Bible (kids reader) and started a new book Surprises.  We haven't finished reading from the Bible but Sonlight has decided we're stopping for a bit, I guess!  We did our Language Arts this week and Gator is working on correctly capitalizing titles.  Well, isn't it difficult to explain when certain titles are in all caps!!!  Science continued with Animals & Animals in Europe...we also did a little bit of magnetism. Who knew there was so much magnetism!

We have been doing a lot of Classical Conversations work at home. This includes listening to this weeks facts and also our timeline song.  We play different map games to find the places on the map. This week we have been finding Afghanistan, Calcutta, India....(and a few others that I can't remember off hand as I write this!).  The girls are doing really good with fact, I often have to say "now which one of these is Afghanistan?!"  This week for Science the kids are learning about the phases of the Moon.  We even made glow in the dark constellations at Classical Conversations. It was so much fun - we made more at home!!

We did several "fun trips" this week because my Dad was in town!  We hit up the Zoo -- the kids had a great time.  Gator was on the lookout for animals that lived in Europe and Peanut and Achoo were on the lookout for monkeys!  They all had fun riding the train!  We grabbed lunch after and then came home to relax a bit!

I also got some errands run (like taking the dogs to the vet)!  I never post photos of the dogs (well, hardly ever -- so enjoy this one!):

We also went on our field trip with the homeschool group to the one room school house. The kids had tons of fun there....

We even hit up the printing press.  There was just so much to learn about! Living history! I love it!  This is a VERY old machine.

Here is how the printing templates looked before....but, they actually would have been upside too - can you imagine trying to read this?!

Other exciting stuff that happened this week....I got rid of Gator's chair when she wasn't sitting in it properly.  I gave her our backyard ball. It didn't work -- so we upgraded to the exercise ball.  I think its a good addition to our schoolroom...and the little ones LOVE it.

We survived (just barely and with a few extra naps since we were all cranky this week) the time change.  I really don't like changing the clocks - ugh!

Peanut started swimming with Gator on the swim team this week. I'm not sure if its going to last...I heard there were tears.  We have had many busy days with gymnastics (for all the kids) and are looking forward to a somewhat restful weekend.  And...tomorrow for breakfast?  FARM FRESH EGGS (we are so excited):

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