Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Historic Park.

We decided to hit up a local historic park here in Ohio. It's amazing.  It is like living history...except there aren't any people dressed up like Williamsburg.  Still though - it's amazing.

First - we ate lunch.  Then...we saw this little show.  It tells about the history here and all the cool things OH is known for:  airplanes, cash registers, soda pop tops, credit card strips...the list goes on and on...who knew OH had so much history?

After the show we walked around a bit....they have a kids area so we played in there for a bit:

So...after we played inside we ventured wasn't too cold but it was a bit rainy and windy.  When we were outside we got to roam around the area and see the many different houses and buildings.

Oh my goodness.  These kids.  Yes, Gator is in the midst of POSING for this photo.

The kids built this tee-pee like thing from a pile of sticks. How fun!!!

Inside the home:

One Room School House:

There were several buildings we didn't make it inside.  Tons of things to look at and learn about....plenty of open space to RUN!

One of the buildings we went into had some "trains" and this kind gentleman was telling the kids "this is the oldest locomotive in the United States" and then he let them ring the bell.  Achoo kept telling the man "This looks like a real choo-choo train."  The man was like it is real...but Achoo kept saying "no just looks real".  It was kind of funny.  Anyways - the kids all rang the bell on the oldest locomotive train in the United States.

This park was so much fun and I cannot wait to go back!  The kids love hands on learning and this was definitely it!  Oh...and Azee fell asleep at one point so I didn't go into the Wright-Cycle Building but apparently they have the Wright Brothers plane! The kids saw it and continue to talk about how "when people first learned to fly on airplanes they had to fly on their bellies" - the things kids learn.  It was a great trip and if you ever stop by the area you should get some hands on Ohio education for yourself!

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