Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday. Monday. Monday.

So, my friend Felicia is doing this blog about Starting Successful on Monday.  I read it last week and though WOW - I need to do this.  Here I am. It's Monday. (ok, it's really Sunday night but the kids are in bed so it's effectively Monday...)  Felicia sits down every Sunday and writes her plan of attack for the week. I'm doing it too!  In this post you'll see everything I *want* to carry out this week...hopefully since I can see the goals I will be able to do them and have a super successful week.  Do you want to join me?!

I hope you'll join me!  This weekend has been full of fun but now I'm ready to step up and plan the week!  The kids keep me on my toes and I need a plan of action!  Good news...I've already written out my home school to do list and crossed a few things off it, too!  I love doing School on Sunday with the kids!!  Here is Gator's work of art from today (see below).  She also completed spelling, math, reading & history.  We did a quick review of Classical Conversations and the Timeline.  We didn't get a chance to do Science but that's ok, we have all week!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336"] This is from our Prescripts book. It works on teaching children cursive. Originally I had planned on photocopying each page but then I decided it was more cost-effective to just let Gator use the book and I'll buy another. Printer ink & paper isn't cheap (and neither is the time it takes to photocopy it!)[/caption]

Scripture:  It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Acts 20:35

Focus:  Put the scripture into action.

Weather:  We had some interesting weather last week.  It was cold, warm, cold, rainy and then decent.  I guess that's what you get here in OHIO.  But last year in Texas it was hot.  This weather actually looks pretty, hopefully I'll have an amazing week filled with some outdoor play!

Currently:  Watching the football recap while lesson planning for the week.  Soon, I'll do a quick clean up of the office and kitchen, prep a few things for morning and head to bed!!!

The Great Agenda:
oil change for our main vehicle

attend our weekly Classical Conversations group

home school group field trip

spend time with Papou before he leaves

swimming & gymnastics practices

go to the library

clean the bathrooms, laundry, vacuum, mop for the floor

list and try to sell some of our outgrown items

drop a box off for donation

Menu:  in no specific order  --->

Grecian Delight (casserole)

Chicken, Veggie & Potato Bake (casserole)

Burgers (sliders)


Spaghetti & Meatballs

** I'm in need of some easy casserole, one pot or crock pot meals that are kid friendly **

Homeschoolin' Stuff:  Accomplish all our regular subjects (Bible, History, Geography, Math, Science, Language Arts). Start the book Henry Huggins (as a read aloud) and Surprises (as Gator to read to me).  Complete Math test at end of this Chapter.  And, focus on Calculadder each day.  Finish our Explode the Code book & post test.  My CC goal of the week is to review the geography material from weeks 1-10.  Next week I'll focus on a different section of CC.

On the Blog:  I need to fix the blog. I'm having some down time with it and the comments aren't working.  I can't tell you the headache this has been HOWEVER I am close to having an answer (I hope).  Also, I need to get the rafflecopter from last weeks raffle & Mom's Library post done.  My goal is to also do 2-3 additional posts!

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