Friday, October 4, 2013

Week in Review: Week 5!

This week has been so hectic.  But, for the most part things are going well. I feel really good aside from the whole government shutdown with where we are for the most part. 

School this week went really well.  The kids continued (from Sonlight Core B) to read from Leading Little Ones to God, Missionary Stories with the Millers, The Beginner's Bible, Favorite Poems of Childhood and Mother Goose. We finally finished Charlotte's Web...and we added in two new books Usborne Book of World History and A Child's History of the World

Gator and Peanut are really enjoying Leading Little Ones to God. The book is a really easy read and each lesson is broken up into only a five minute segment.  I have not looked ahead but I think this book could quite possibly last us all year as we are only doing two lessons a week.

The new books we started are in place of Usborne Book of People's of the World.  I haven't had but two days each with the new books so I can't give an accurate review but so far so good.

The girls were elated to finally finish reading Charlotte's Web. We really enjoyed the book but with 22 Chapters (and reading just one a day) we were feeling a bit done with it!  We celebrated by watching the movie Charlotte's Web.  About midway through the movie Peanut looks to Gator and says, "I think I like the book better"!  We also finished up our Charlotte's Web lapbook!  

Untitled Untitled

Gator continued doing Language Arts with her reading, Explode the Code, Spelling and Wordly Wise.  She's doing great reading when we sit together but I do wish she would read more independently. My friend, Erika, just wrote a blog about inspiring your kids to love reading.  I loved when she wrote about her 100 book challenge. That's just what we need!  I go to thinking though...what would her reward be?  (Suggestions open) 

I finally finished up my Math Mammoth review. Phew!  I felt really bad not loving it like I had hoped.  I then took a few days to look around at other things and realized what my friends had told me is true...if it isn't broken don't fix it! (Thanks, Gina!)  Horizon Math works for us...and it works well.  We plan to stick with it!  Gator is really enjoying it. Peanut on the other hand is struggling a little with Math...but that's my own fault. I realized this week I need to pull out some extra hands-on activities (I even looked at Math-U-See but really I have the materials to make Horizon more Hands On so I'm going to do that instead).  

UntitledThe funny Peanut story of the week involved me sitting down with her doing math.  I tried to explain to her that she needed to read the math problem 2+2= __.  Now, you see the first number 2 so let's color 2 blocks (ok, she does that)..what's the next number? "2" great...let's color 2 more blocks.  Done!  Fantastic - how many blocks did you color? Insert EVERY.SINGLE.NUMBER from 0-10 except 4.  I finally was jumping out of my skin about to scream calmly decided I'd give her two crayons! Then I said, oh wait here are two MORE crayons.  Hey - how many crayons do you have?  Four Mom - I have FOUR crayons. for her its all about being hands-on and really seeing it. 

Kudos to Peanut this week she finished up the Get Ready for the Code A book!  We still have two more additional books in this set and it looks like there may be some actual Sonlight worksheets in the upcoming weeks, too!  I've also been using A Reason for Handwriting. I'm still not loving it but we have it. She's more than halfway done with the book so I'm looking for something else to supplement.  I keep looking at Hand Writing Without Tears.  Thoughts?

Achoo even sat down this week and did some actual school.  Tracing letters and shapes!!!  We also played with play-doh quite a bit and he had great fun doing that! I am slacking as usual have been meaning to laminate these sheets I printed off for play-doh play.  Have you seen them? They look like they could be lots of fun but since I'm slacking I can't tell you if they are fun or not! 

This week has been go go go like usual!  I have had a chance to sit and relax a few times.  The kids and I have enjoyed baking some new stuff:  Pancakes. Cookies.  Granola Bites.  PRETZELS! We had fun learning about Modern Art and Cubism.  And, I joined in on the 31 Day Challenge (I'll be blogging about learning at home for 31 Days in October)!  I also did my weekly Mom's Library Post.  Check over there for a few cute projects AND a giveaway!

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I have been working really hard at getting more active on my blog. And, I think it is working!  I have found time during naptime and at night when the kids are sleeping to get most of it done. Except yesterday when I had to deal with a biggest headache ever

So, for the most part I'm ahead of the game in school.  I need to do yesterday's spelling test but aside from that one small thing we will be working on next weeks work today.  Yesterday it rained and rained and then rained some more. I did not get dressed our showered until 4PM.  We did a lot of reviewing our Classical Conversations material week 4 and crafting!

This weekend will be full of fun and amazing things, too! I'm already looking forward to next week as we have a field trip planned!  I need to organize my materials a bit this weekend, deal with the blog hosting dilemma, shop for Peanut's birthday present -- she's almost 5!!! Gator already took her money and went out and bought Peanut a gift!  It was quite possibly the SWEETEST thing ever!  But, I'm at a loss for what to get her.  She really wants to go to the amusement park here for birthday and we most likely will (since we did promise that to her weeks ago)...I just feel a little bad about spending THAT much extra money with the whole government shut-down so I'm hoping things resolve themselves quickly. 

UntitledVegas' birthday is also coming up.  He said he didn't want anything so I may just buy him something I want or need (even though my birthday is two days after his).  I'm thinking he needs a rice cooker or maybe an icecream maker?  I broke need to replace the old rice cooker (and we really don't need an expensive one) and our movers busted our old ice-cream maker.  Personally, I need nothing for my birthday as I am already so blessed...though maybe some Starbucks to keep my eyes open! Ha!  (side note: I did find Vanilla Coke Zero - its delicious but maybe not so nutritious)!

Happy Weekend Folks!

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Tiff said...

Those pretzels look amazing! What a fun week! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap Up.

Phyllis said...

All your food looks and sounds wonderful. What a sweet week.

Anonymous said...

We did those Charlotte's Web chapbooks last year, and my kids loved the book...and I sobbed at the end just like I always do :-).....I gave up on laminating play doh mats a while back. Lately, I've been sliding them into page protectors...Hope you guys have a great week!

Chrystal Bliske said...

Stopping by again from Weekly Wrap Up. You're doing an awesome job and love those kiddos!

Beth said...

I loved the Leading Littles One book. I think my daughter is at the age when I need to read it to her. Soft pretzels are a fun treat at our house. I have a super easy just 4 ingredient recipe.

Renee @ Great Peace Academy said...

Stopping in from Collage Friday.

What a cute site.
Great job refocusing math on something both visual, hands-on and real life!

Stop in and link up at This Week @ Great Peace Academy :) I'd love to have you.

Beth said...

I just wanted to let you know that MUS DVD lessons are about 10 minutes or so. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for stopping by.

Christy said...

Even though my daughter is older than your kiddos, it is fun to see homeschooling at a younger age. We didn't homeschool until she was nearly the end of elementary school. I love all the ideas and fun things you do with your kids.

Have a good weekend!

Debbie said...

Looks like you had a fun week :)

Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful week! I love all that you do with your children. Hands on learning is just the best, isn't it? :-) Your pretzels look SO good. My children really enjoyed Charlotte's Web, as well, but you're right. The book is long! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to hear about your field trip next week. Maybe you can link it up with Field Trip Friday! :-) Many blessings, Lisa

Chris said...

Wow, you had a great week!!

I really enjoyed rdg abt all your activities!

Your kids pics are just so adorable too.

Thanks for sharing. I didn't get to link til today at SYCYAHSer---saw you there and clicked over.

Take care and God bless

Sylvia said...

Another week jam packed full of fun and learning! As far as the math curriculum goes- sometimes we just have to see for ourselves wether or not we might like something better! Those pretzels do look yummy! Have a wonderful new week and thanks for joining us again at FF!