Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 8 in REVIEW

I feel like I start each Week in Review with "this week has been so busy..." but I'm at a loss for another way to describe just how full my plate (and heart) are.  This week was not as on the go as most but that doesn't mean we were sitting around doing nothing - no, not at all.  In fact, we did so well with school this week.  The kids seemed engaged in their learning.  They love, love, love learning.  It did at times feel like I was hustling to get from this activity to that activity while struggling to find time to cook and clean...oh - and sleep!  It all worked - we all survived.

So, last weekend after I wrote my Week in Review post I fell ill.  I was so sick.  Of course, as a Mom I only had a limited amount of "sick time" and when I woke on Saturday morning (still sick) I realized I had just about four hours before I absolutely had to be human again.  Prayers, Vitamin C and good ol' Vitamin M (motrin) did the trick!  I was able to attend and watch Gator swim in her first swim meet here in Ohio.  She had an absolute blast....she is eagerly awaiting her next swim meet and upcoming gymnastics meets!!

The what I did school-wise part of the post -- again, more for me to look back on than anything else.  While I was sick and dying (last Friday) I took a few moments to contemplate just how school was really going for us...did I need to make changes? What could make my life easier?  What am I loving?  And, what really needs to change.

I decided for the most part everything is going really well.  I've known this -- no surprise here.  Previously (as in last week and before) I was listing off what I needed to do each day.  So, Monday I had to read these two pages but Tuesday I'd read the next couple - etc.  Everything was on a different card.  I decided this week I'm just going to write ALL the assignments on one paper.  Who cares how it's really broken down...if she spends 5 hours Monday doing Math or 1 hour each day at the end of the week she's still totaled 5 hours.

This meant for the week we at some point did the following: Leading Little Ones to God Lesson 15, 16 & 17.  Followed by a little
lightreading from the Usborne Book of World History.  We started the book Owls in the Family -- reading four chapters (1-4).  We also hop, skipped and jumped over to the Thrive Art blog where there was a quick lesson on drawing owls - yes, please!  We also did Math - both lessons from our Horizon book and memory review counting by 14's for Classical Conversations.  Language Arts consisted of: spelling, explode the code, wordly wise, some creative expression work (provided by Sonlight) and reading from the Beginner's Bible.  Science (also Sonlight) consisted of learning about more animals. This time we read about animals found in Africa.  We did color a map of Africa and cut out some extra animal photos, too!  The kids also learned about Electricity and Magnets.  For CC the kids learned about the sun.  We've been busy memorizing the parts of the sun...of course, they have the parts down more than I do!  We did so much more than I could jam in this one me the week was full.

drawing music notes at home (CC WEEK 8)[/caption]

The kids had a blast at CC this week.  We made these cool sun-prints while learning about the sun. They also learned about the explorers, did some geography map-work, learned a little latin and english, too! Oh, CC was busy but it is so fun!  The kids have practiced at home with their map-work, drawing music notes and playing the tin whistle.

I took a little time this week to go to lunch with a friend and shop at the outlet.  I needed some clothes with sleeves!!  It has been very cold here - it's snowed TWICE this week!  We haven't had much outside time - it's so cold and rainy.  I'm hopeful the weather changes next week and we have a few days to go out!

We took a field trip to the library this week. I love our library.  Here you can see the kids are doing a craft project while they wait for each other.  This is Gator's finished product made with leaf stamps and some crayons.  And...these are the books that Gator will be reading this week. I also picked up a few books for next week!  Books we will be reading (or starting to read) this week are:  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, Henry Huggins, Peter the Great, The Look It Up Book of Explorers, Lives of the Scientists Experiments, Explosions (and what the Neighbors thought) and lastly - the one book I had to get on Amazon Henry VIII Brilliant Brits!  I can't wait to start reading!! ANNNND....I found out that I can tell the librarians what we are learning about and they'll put together a "pack" of books for us!  I put in requests for the next THREE weeks.  So, I'm excited to go pick up our collections next week!!

I'm already busy looking at the weekend and next week.  I've started to get a few things lined up and I know it will be another full and fun week!

Happy Weekend!

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