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Week 7: Week in Review

Last week I blogged my Week in Review - Week 6 but I was slow to actually post it since I was incredibly busy finalizing some change over stuff. You have found me though (yay!) and you may be thinking "it looks different" well, I decided (or was sort of pushed into) changing from blogger to wordpress.  I still have some things I need to figure out...I need to widen my side bars, change fonts, add some extra pages....and then get back to my posting!   It's coming along and I'm actually starting to like this more.

This week is probably one of our busiest weeks of the year!!  Knowing this, I totally pulled Saturday and Sunday school.  The kids were not thrilled but it worked!  Last Saturday we actually hit up another Lowes Build & Grow clinics where the kids built a game called the Spooky Stacker. It's kind of cute.  We even grabbed some lunch at Noodle & Co.  Sunday we celebrated Daddy's birthday with dinner at Red Robin.  The kids were so excited to tell the waiter we had a birthday!  They ordered a mile pie mud pie for dessert...

Monday we were lucky enough to attend the open house at the local Classical Conversations.  The kids had a great time and really learned a lot.  The girls are busy naming off peninsulas in Europe and the five kinds of stars.  We are still working on counting by 13's.  That's a small challenge but it is ok!  They even learned a bit of playing the tin whistle.  After CC, we came home and the little ones napped while Gator finished up some school work.  Tuesday, more schoolwork and Wednesday was Peanut's FIFTH birthday. I just can't believe she's five...seems like just yesterday I received the best birthday gift ever...yes, Peanut and I share a birthday!

Wednesday we had a little party here for Peanut and her friends.  It was the best birthday EVER.  We had everyone bring a wrapped craft item ($10ish value) - the kids had pizza and cupcakes and then we did a GIFT SWAP.  Everyone left happy :)  These are the gifts that all got swapped.  It's funny because my kids have never attended a gift swap party before (well, Gator had a little gift swap with the team last year for the holiday party but not birthday related).  They all had so much fun and after the party couldn't stop talking about who got what and what got traded, etc.  It's funny because Achoo kept talking about the tea set...he got a finger puppet kit - no worries its obviously gender neutral!

Wednesday night we let Peanut choose where she wanted to eat for her birthday - Max and Erma's....and she wanted chocolate cake!  YUM!!  They have a delicious tortilla burger that they serve with a side of tortilla soup for dipping. It sounds a little weird but I promise you its DELICIOUS!  Then, Vegas and Peanut went into Toys R Us and Peanut came out with a new playmobil!!

Since we took Wednesday off, Thursday and Friday are definitely days we need to hit the books!  Our schedule this week included two Math tests.  Gator scored a 98% on the first one so I skipped 10 lessons and gave her the next test where she scored a 92%.  All the errors made were because she just didn't check her work :-/  We did all our other normal subjects, too!  Bible, History, Language Arts, Spelling, Science....

I'm not really sure anyone cares exactly WHAT we learned (but for my record) we did Leading Little Ones to God lesson 13 & 14.  It's about learning about His faithfulness and many names. Did you know (and I didn't) that some scholars point to God having more than 700 different names in the Bible including various titles and descriptions.  They recommend two books to read up on his names (for those interested: Names of God and God's Names).  We read about the people of Akebu (Togo).  We also read from The Usborne Book of World History, A Child's History of the World, Missionary Stories with the Millers and our new addition of the week Usborne Time Traveler: Pharaohs and Pyramids.  We continued through these books learning about Ancient Egypt.

We finished our Read Aloud this week - Little Pear.  Oh, the girls really enjoyed this book.  I'm so proud of Gator because she even offered to read some of it to us!!  Last week (Week 6) we had such a horrible time with our spelling words.  I ended up with nearly a double list this week because of ones we needed more of a review.  I'm happy to say we only have to carry THREE words with us next week:  level, travel, closet.  Phew.  We did more spelling and are working on Explode the Code 4 -- it goes hand in hand with spelling - I love it. I think I've told you this before though!  Our reader is the Beginner's Bible.  I'm not sure we're even half through it and we are almost at page 200!  She also did Wordly Wise!

Science continued with animals and the book Usborne World of Animals. It is a great book!  The kids focused on North America and the animals that live throughout the continent.  I really love how Sonlight has worksheets with the program.  Those all got done - including the map of North America where she had to label the Rocky Mountains, Prairies, Desert and Everglades!!  Science isn't just about animals though we still spend a bit of time learning more about magnetism.  And, with our Classical Conversations group the kids did an experiment learning about the solar system and how far the planets are from the sun. They really enjoyed having such a hands on experience to see just how far things are away!  And, I love how proud Peanut is of her accomplishments..."do you want me to tell you the five kinds of stars?" She is just PRECIOUS!

Peanut's language art is focusing on vowels.  Small short words.  It's getting real now!  And, Gator is focusing on things like interjections and alliterations.  Math is still going well for both of them. Like I mentioned before we did two math tests this week and got great scores! We are also (for both kids) counting by 13's!! And, for handwriting I'm continuing to do copy work from Sonlight and A Reason for Handwriting. I opted against purchasing Handwriting Without Tears.  I have an app on the iPad to help the littles with proper letter formation and honestly I think its just repetition, repetition, repetition!

I've added in some grography (thanks to CC)! I had this great idea to photocopy the map I purchased through CC. I laminated it and gave the kids some wet-erase markers. They have spent some time tracing the different continents (one side of the laminated map) and tracing and pointing out all the peninsulas in Europe -- other side of map.  We do have a little catch up work to do on our map and timeline BUT I will be focusing on that during our CC hiatus for the holiday.  Oh...and I musn't forget that we're still doing Mission India!

The girls are also busy working on the Tin Whistle.  They learned how to play it at Classical Conversations and have been busy practicing.  I have to tell you that A-zee (I'm thinking that might be Baby A's new nickname because it doesn't totally give away her real name but its close to the nickname I use) loved the whistle, too! I'm going to try and upload a video for you to see!!  Achoo pretty much just blew the whistle like he had to be the loudest person ever...but the girls they really tried.  Gator *almost* has twinkle twinkle down and Peanut isn't too far behind!!

*sigh* What else?

Well...I took the kids to show and tell. The homeschool group we are apart of meets once a month for Show and Tell.  Last month, Peanut brought in her American Girl Doll and Achoo brought his transformer.  I can't remember what Gator brought because she didn't go up. This month - Achoo brought his car shooter that Auntie S bought him for his birthday and Peanut brought her new playmobil that she bought on her birthday.  Gator brought in the project she completed at Build and Grow but when she got in front of everyone she decided she wasn't going to do it.  She's a very shy kid but I think she is slowly overcoming some of her fears.

I have been busy baking. This week Vegas, with the help of the kids, made these whoopie pies.  Happy Birthday Vegas make your own dessert! I also made some AMAZING cookies - yum!  I have to bring a bunch of cookies to the Swim Team Bake Sale.  I tried to do some other baking and cooking but I guess I didn't do as much as I had hoped...that probably had something to do with my Blueberry Coconut Trim Healthy Mama muffin FAIL - most disgusting muffins I ever ate!

It's obviously been a busy week - the busiest of the year for us since 50% of our birthdays fall this week!  Add in school, CC, regular swim & gymnastics stuff...its been insane but fun. I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I'm hoping to get a chance to clean up my pinterest, prep for school next week and maybe work on the blog a bit at night. I definitely have a few upgrades that need done but like I said I'm not so sure where to start. At least right now its functional.

I wanted to add -- >I've been eyeing these few things for our playroom:

I also was blessed this week from a sweet friend:

I hope you all have had an amazing week!! I'm going to leave you with photos of the kids eating their dessert...

And...the many faces of Gator (the hard candy eyes hit her loose teeth):


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