Friday, October 18, 2013


Today was Gator's first swim meet of the 2013-2104 season.  She's been looking forward to it since we arrived here a couple of months back.  This month she's had it on the calendar and been in "count-down" mode.  We had to bring so many things with us to the swim meet. Here we are sitting and waiting in the bullpen.  Oh...the waiting.  It wouldn't have been so bad except that I wasn't feeling well and Vegas was a timer during Gator's session -- that left me with FOUR children to entertain for nearly four trying to make sure she got to her events...and when I was watching her events I had to make sure the others didn't fall into the pool *gasp*

She was soooo excited.

Above -- that's her first event!  She was getting ready to do the 25 Breast.  She did pretty well.  Though, she was worried about proper placement of her arms (you know perfection versus speed).  In gymnastics you get scored so differently.  It is about having all the movements correct - not on speed.  I kept telling her in swim it's getting to the other side the fastest.  She didn't care...she just had fun swimming.

I have only a few other photos from today and none really came out all that fantastic.  It's hard to take a photo with a baby on your back, three-year old holding your hand and five-year old standing next to you...oh and all the people who walk in front of you.  It was fun...and the season has just started so we have many more meets to attend!

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