Monday, October 28, 2013

Peanut turns FIVE!


It's so hard to believe that five years ago I celebrated MY birthday in the Labor and Delivery unit giving birth to THIS amazing little girl.  I always said I never wanted to have a baby in October (since Vegas and I both have birthdays in October just a day apart!) and it isn't about what WE plan but about what is meant to be.  THIS BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL - she was meant to be.  She has been the perfect addition to our family. She's so similar to Gator but so very different.  She is loving, kind, caring, optimistic and funny - she has such an amazing personality!

Peanut is five. I just can't help but say it over and over and over again. How did this happen -five? She's growing up!  She's currently working on Kindergarten work. She wants to read so badly. She loves writing and math.  She enjoys all different arts and crafts - from projects to art lessons.  She's a great little swimmer and incredible athlete.  Peanut loves doing gymnastics. Flips. Turns. Spins....all. the. time!!  She is hopeful to join her big sister soon on the swim team!  For now...she enjoys just being Peanut!

Her best friend is Gator...and sometimes Achoo.  She loves to play dolls and playmobil.  She enjoys swinging on the swing, jumping on the trampoline, swimming....she loves to sing.  She wants to be a pop star and a Mom when she grows up!  She wants SIX kids!  3 boys 3 girls.  I love listening to her talk about all the things she wants to see and do....I love knowing about her dreams!!! She's amazing - dream big!

A few funny stories from recent include --->  I bought this adorable bag for Azee.  I thought it'd be good for diapers, etc.  It arrived in the mail Peanut grabbed the box and opened it excitedly and shouted, "Uncle Josh knew this is just what I wanted for my birthday!" and so the bag was hers....and Uncle Josh gets all the credit!  She wanted to wear this green polka dot dress with tights but was so confused about what to wear for shoes. I said, "what about your black boots" she looked at me in horror and said, "you're trying to make me not match there is no black in this dress".  Next- we had Classical Conversations I was in Gator's room this week (they all learn the same material) and Peanut came home practicing counting by 15's -- 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100...I said: "Peanut that's not how you count by 15's its 60, 75, 90..." and she looked at me and said, "You weren't in the room that's now how you do it!" -- she's just amazing and funny :)

A blast from the past...

Happy 5th Birthday, Peanut.  We love you so much....<3

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