Tuesday, October 8, 2013



The kids just made MOBILES.  While they were making them we discussed Alexander Calder, the American artist and sculptor, who created them!    Calder really enjoyed seeing how mobiles balanced...and oddly enough his stationary sculptures were known as stabiles!


I asked the kids if they knew of any other kind of mobile - of course:  we also ended up discussing baby mobiles - like the one Baby A used to have in her crib!  And, not a mobile but a fun sculpture of sorts...not really a sculpture as much as art -- the chair tree!  (We saw this at the San Antonio Botanical Garden in 2011 and they remembered it - go figure!!!!! You can even see Gator in the corner of the photo being goofy!)

Next - the kids were ITCHING to start the mobile!  The materials used were pipe cleaners, buttons, foam stickers, yarn (for hanging) and even a small piece of plastic to keep the pipe cleaners spread out.  All of our materials came from our Kiwi Crate.  Again, I love our subscription to Kiwi Crate because the projects are right organized with all the materials.  You don't need the Kiwi Crate to do the project though if you have the materials on hand.  And, now that my kids have done the project they will do the project over and over again with our own materials.


The "how to" of mobile making is to start with as many different buttons, stickers and pipe cleaners. Link the pipe cleaners together (through the buttons) and use stickers or other objects on the ends.  At the top, use a piece of yarn to hang them.  Our mobiles were a big hit.  They are hanging in the girls room and our family room!  

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