Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ideas to keep your preschooler busy!

It has been such a busy week.  I honestly feel like I have been doing school around the clock.  Of course, I'm not... but it just feels that way.  We did school over the weekend so that we could attend a field trip on Monday but it was cancelled so we did a little school that morning and then headed to a fun outing.  I have tried to stay ahead of the game (and I'm just barely ahead of the week) so I can do fun things with the kids. 

It's hard to stay ahead of things when Baby A and Achoo keep interrupting - but what to do? I can't ignore them. I can't ignore school.  It's a dilemma.  So...I have started involving them in what we do.  First, I admit that I do put Baby A down for a nap (or two when I'm lucky) and we get a lot of school done during that time.  But, our little schedule is changing as she is growing out of her double naps.  You can see from our Week In Review's (ONE, TWOTHREE and FOUR) we are almost always busy.  And, we love every second of it!

Here are some great learning ideas for the littles while you're doing school with the big kids....and its all simple, educational and fun preschool play!

We do puzzles. Lots of puzzles.  Legos...the kids are always playing with our duplos.  I have been pulling out our lacing and beads. Lacing and beadsAchoo loves them.  All the kids (even Baby A) enjoy coloring.  Play-doh. Who doesn't love it!  Sometimes when I really need to get some stuff done and NOTHING is working I'll toss some Preschool Prep on.  Only sometimes.  I have also been working at incorporating Sensory Bins (like rice bins seen in this post I wrote) into our play, too! 

I hope this gives you some ideas....its easier to involve them in play and school so they learn, too!  

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