Friday, September 6, 2013

Teaching Magnetism through play.

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This week we started our homeschool year with Sonlight.  I am planning on updating my blog weekly with some fun stuff we are doing with Sonlight.  The kids are all really enjoying everything.  I have the kids at different levels for Language Arts & Math but for Science, History and Bible they are all working on the same level (Gr 2).  This week in Science B we learned a bit about animals but also had been given the opportunity to experiment with MAGNETS!  And, it has been so fun for all of us!!! They kids loved the hands on fun!  Here is what we learned today!!

What are magnets?!
The kids learned that a magnet is any object that has a magnetic field.  Everything that sticks to a magnet is made of metal.  But...only some metals stick to magnets!  There are actually certain metals like aluminum that don't stick!Untitled

What can a magnet do? And, what can YOU do with a magnet?

Lots of things!!  First, we tried the sticking test....we stuck magnets to each other...they stuck!  Then we made this chart (seen above).  I asked the kids to find some objects around the house and guess whether or not they would stick to the magnet.  The kids had so much fun running around getting different items.  Of course, I tried to get them to focus on items they thought would be magnetic. Peanut came running into the family room exclaiming, "I found a purple balloon!"  I asked her if she thought it was magnetic and she didn't answer.  Well, after the kids gathered all their items we laid them out and one by one the kids checked each item.  Some of the things did stick even though Gator said they wouldn't. She was firmly believing the ruler (wooden) was not magnetic but since it has the teeniest bit of metal its magnetic!  The kids all hovered over the purple balloon! "Is it magnetic, maybe now, nope not yet, maybe now?!" In the end...there was no magnetism coming from the purple balloon. 

The kids also played the matching socks game.  We drew socks on a piece of paper, the kids colored in the socks (in pairs) and then cut them out. We placed a paper clip on each sock.  Then we tossed the socks onto the floor.  We tied a piece of yarn to a magnet and took turns pulling out the socks.  The kids attempted to pull out the same colored socks.  This game was great for them to see how the magnets attach from our string to the paper clip.  It was a great game of matching for the younger ones.  Gator got a bit bored with it (even though it was for her Science) and decided they would try finding matches with their eyes closed! It was lots of fun!

Achoo took part in this experiment, too.  He helped the girls color in the socks and then he opted to run off and play with his own Sensory Bin filled with rice.  

Continuing our play with magnets we made Achoo these adorable little fish with magnet eyes. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish (we read that book while doing the bin and fishing).  We used color paper to cut out fish.  Simply glue a small magnet dot as an eye.  Then, simply make a fishing pole from a dowel, string and small washer.  Little man loved it.  He happily took his fishing pole and played "go fishing" in his bin of rice  for nearly an hour this morning!  


We did lots of other fun stuff with magnets today, too!  We searched the house for magnets. Talked about how the magnets we use in our cabinets keep Baby A safe.  We read a book about Magnets and then rented two movies about magnetism (but we haven't watched those yet!).  I'm sure we'll be doing more fun things with magnets next week, I hope you'll check back to see what!

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