Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Week in Review :)

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This week we started school - 2nd grade, Kindergarten, Preschool and Baby School (?)!!  I used last weekend to prep our stuff a little bit...find the books, get the schedule in my head, print off some know the "stuff you gotta do before you do something stuff".

I knew the first day was going to be filled with some fun projects so I was hopeful it would be an easy transition.  First, I printed off these adorable "First Day" signs at How Does She -- and yup, totally free!  Then, I had to hit up my Pinterest boards to find the First Day of School Interview pin I used last year (also free)!  We got up early, ate breakfast and got dressed. Photo time!!! After photos we started off our day with school and in between the actual subjects we tossed a fun thing here or there.  

This week with Sonlight we used Leading Little Ones to God: A Child's Book of Bible Teachings.
 This book is a book of bible teachings broken down i
nto small lessons.  This weeks lessons were about our hearts seeking God and why we cannot see God.  Gator also read from The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories as part of her daily reading lesson.  For history we have been reading from The Usborne Book of Peoples of the World.  The kids have really been enthralled with the different cultures, languages, money...they really love learning!!

We began reading Charlotte's Web together as a family.  I love how Sonlight includes questions for the end of each chapter and vocabulary we should discuss.  I wanted something "more" for Charlotte's Web so I went over to the Confessions of a Homeschooler Blog and found a Charlotte's Web lapbook. I think for future books I may be able to find free lapbooks at Homeschool Share.  The kids spent the first day assembling their lapbooks and the following days adding each section.  We are still not done with the lapbook.  The guide included breaks down what you need to do after each chapter and also includes some fun project ideas.  The girls have also been using Mother Goose and Favorite Poems of Childhood.  We also read the Introduction to Missionary Stories with the Millers.  It looks like a great book and both girls are excited to read the first story!

For Language Arts Gator kept busy with a little copy work and working on descriptive words.  Spelling this week focused on compound words like baseball, inside, maybe, bathtime, sunshine, etc.  We opened up Explode the Code 4 - I'm excited because it follows along with words we are learning in Sonlight's LA 2 program! Fantastic!!  It also easily broke down the pages that needed to be done so it did not feel so overwhelming.   

Since Sonlight includes a Copywork section for Language Arts and because I wasn't ready to jump into cursive just yet I had no formal handwriting program chosen.  Those plans changed when I decided she needed to work on her writing.  Last year I bought but never used A Reason for Handwriting.  I pulled out the book and started her....I also had the Kindergarten version of A Reason for Handwriting and Peanut was using it.  I just don't love it.  I contemplated getting Handwriting Without Tears but I haven't yet.  There are so many amazing FREE things to do first!!  I also, for the upcoming months, have the Classical Conversations Intro to Cursive...but not just yet!

UntitledPeanut started Sonlight's LA K program.  She's working on learning sounds of letters and early blends. We've used the book My First Picture Dictionary.  She will also be using Getting Ready for the Code in the upcoming weeks.  We read some stories from Language and Thinking for Young Children.  Peanut does her own level Language Arts & Math but follows along with Gator for Bible, History, Science and Literature!

Both girls have been using Horizon Math.  We have used it now for 3 years with Gator. I really love how easy it is.  We're using Teaching Textbooks as a supplement for Gator as well. 

You are probably thinking - what the heck has Achoo been up to? Well, he's been busy coloring, learning to write, playing with his bin of rice....after all its just learn by playing...oh, and by being around your older sisters!!

All three kids really loved Science.  We've read quite a bit from World of Animals and also from Usborne Book of Science Activities, Vol. 1.  You can check out our fun Science this week, too!

It really sounds like a lot...heck, I even forgot some of the awesomeness we did.  We had lots of different printables in addition to the books. The kids seem to have gotten on a pretty good schedule up about 7AM eat breakfast and start school by 8.  If that all happens somewhere around 10:30-11 the kids are ready for a break and we've been able to head out to enjoy the nice weather -- park time!!!  We've come home for lunch and then Gator will finish a subject or two that she did not finish earlier. It's been going really, really, really well.

This week also started off this season's Swim Team for Gator...add that into Gymnastics its been busy.  All three big kiddos are doing Swim and Gymnastics...we are out of our house every night during the week. We seem to have a pretty good groove though and we really are loving it!!!

Untitled I just asked Peanut what her favorite thing about the week was and she said swimming and gymnastics.  Gator enjoyed going to the park and making a fairy house with a new friend...and Achoo...he said books.  That's right...I totally forgot - we hit up the library too!  Look at the photo below and you will see the SUPER LONG slide at one of the parks! It was a lot of fun for the kids...

For me -- I've been busy working on school, keeping the house, prepping meals and focusing on my blog.  It's been busy and chaotic but I love it.  Seriously, I wouldn't change a thing!!!  I know these years will fly by and eventually I'll be sitting there staring at the TV wondering what to do.

Now...hopefully this weekend I can do a little more prep work to have a good solid meal plan for next week.  The weekend looks like its going to be busy and I'm excited to see what we accomplish!!  

UntitledAhh...and lastly...we took the kids to a new (to us) yogurt place.  Here are some photos...I think the kids had a good time but honestly, I didn't love it.  They had four flavors --- original (tasted like no flavor plain yogurt), peach, pistachio and pomegranate.  They also didn't get to top the yogurt themselves -- the guy behind the counter did.  Well, it was still a fun outing...but next time we'll go to the other place :)

Hope you all had a fantastic week!!  This is going to be linked up with Homeschool Mother's Journal and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


Lisa said...

What a wonderful, fun-filled week! :-) I love all of the hands-on activities. We really enjoy Sonlight here, too. (my kids think doing school in their jammies is the best, too!) Have a blessed Sunday! Lisa

Kate Colvin said...

We have been using A Reason for Handwriting and I also just like it okay, not love it. My DD5 doesn't really like doing it at all, though. However, the twice-a-week K my daughter is going to is using Handwriting without Tears and I decided to just jump in and get my own copy of that, too, so at least we will be doing the same stuff. It was the push I needed to make a change, and hopefully it is all that other bloggers have said it is. Good luck with your year!

Kara said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog! Sounds like a great week! I really liked Leading Little Ones to God too. Have a great week!