Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Move Part 2. The changes.

I posted about our move to Ohio a couple weeks ago.  You can read it here.  At the end of the post I told you I'd share some of our before and after photos.

Here goes...a little background.  We came from a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath house just shy of 2800 sq feet and very new.  We opted to move to a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with just 2000 sq feet and older.  We were nervous...but I kept saying "We are giving up bathroom space and one extra room".  When we arrived I was thinking our table will go here, the couch here, this here...but then when our furniture came everything changed.  Surprisingly almost everything fits.  The only thing we are getting rid of is our glass top end tables and coffee table...funny because its the one thing I said I'd be okay with if it arrived in pieces!  Everything else fits. Yes, everything.

The yard's amazing. We have a lot of space.  Our neighbors to the one side are fantastic.  They are the only neighbors we can actually see from our yard...and we see no one from our house.  I'm not sure how many people we will be able to see when fall comes and the trees lose their leaves but so far...its just amazing.  

The house needed paint...lots of it.  But, that's okay because we are those people who love to add just a bit of us to each house. In fact, each of our last three homes even though some of them were in excellent condition upon moving in...we painted the entire thing...ha - I said we.  He painted.

Let's start. 

Here is the kitchen (before):



With Boxes and In progress:
Untitled Untitled

After (it's a little dark because I didn't have the lights on, the trash can has since been changed to a slimmer white trash can with a lid and I'm looking at changing the hardware on the cabinets but I haven't found anything yet.):

Untitled UntitledUntitled

The girls room (before):
IMG_5803 IMG_5788
Untitled Untitled

Family Room:
Untitled Untitled Untitled

Playroom (before & after):

Untitled Untitled

The dining room (before & after):

Untitled Untitled

The office (before and after):
Untitled Untitled 

Now...that's about all I have available for before and after.

Our room we haven't done a darn thing in.  We didn't do anything special for the baby, we did paint Achoo's room but its not really done.  We are currently looking for some sort of fun stuff to make it scream boys room.  We did paint the kids bathroom but not our bathroom...its on his list.  The laundry room we didn't do anything to.  I toyed around with painting it but honestly its fine.  

I'm looking for some other curtains and window coverings, a light for the family room...its a slow but fun process. I'm also trying to find some sort of rugs (runners) for the hallway (its worn down) and even a spot in the kitchen (that's purely for decor purposes).  

I'd need them for the family room, too, because the previous renters really killed the carpet (but, oddly only the family room and hallways got killed...all the other carpets are in good shape).  (Oh and since we are landlords they've been added to my never in a billion years rent to these people list).  But, the problem with the family room carpet is its not really something I can fix with runners. I could use one runner but then the bigger area wouldn't work...we do have our rug but that's not the area that needs hidden - ha, always works that way.  

I'm also interested in doing something to the front of the house -- curb appeal.  I am not a green thumb though so I'm having a hard time deciding what to do and how...oh and when.  I really want to do something fun for fall out front BUT before I do anything crazy I want to actually have the front looking good too!

I'll have to post some photos if I do anything to the front...and I'm sure you'll eventually see some photos of here there and everywhere in the house.  We really like the house and have been blessed with a wonderful place to call home for the next three years!  


Erika said...

the changes are AMAZING!!!! so proud of you guys! love the befores and afters!

Kara said...

Love the before and afters! I really need to do some painting but I really dislike painting... though I am coming more inclined!

Andrea Huard said...

Awesome job on the place.

Janine LaTulippe said...

Wow! What a little paint and good taste in furniture can do :) I wish my house looked so put together!