Friday, September 20, 2013

My Weekly Review - WEEK 3.

Oh my goodness - week 3 already!

Untitled This week has been crazy and lots of fun stuff has happened or is about to happen! Let's see if I can catch you up!!!

First, school - Sonlight is still lots of fun and the kids (and me, too) are loving it.  This week we focused on Leading Little Ones to God (Lesson 5 and 6).  We discussed the U in THUMB - the Unreached and Unchurched Chinese. I guess this could be really about the Unreached and Unchurched anywhere but wow - so many people that don't know about Jesus even existing.

For History we continued our studies with the Usborne Book of People's of the World -- we discussed different beliefs, religions and celebrations!  We read another chapter from Missionary Stories with the Millers.  And, today in the mail I actually got a free book called Revolution in World Missions. I've enjoyed reading the other book to the kids and I'm excited to read this one solo.  If you're interested in it you can get your free book, too!  Check out the FREE BOOK at Gospel for Asia.



Our Read-Alouds were continued with more Charlotte's Web --- who knew there were so many chapters in this book!!! Thank goodness the kids LOVE it.  I'm looking forward to finishing it so we can have a movie night!  We also read from Favorite Poems of Childhood and Mother Goose.....not to mention the many library books that we picked up on our trip!  You can read about those selections - Celebrating Fall and Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And, as part of Pirate Day we celebrated with donuts from Krispy Kreme and Gator drew a new pirate ship for my wall.  We love Thrive Art Lessons!


Gator continued spelling and actually got all of the words right on her pre-test! WOOT!  We did Explode the Code (I love how the lessons fit so perfectly with Spelling!).  She continued to do her personal reading from the Beginner's Bible.  The stories this week included: Jacob and Esau Meet Again, Joseph's Colorful Robe, Pharaoh's Dreams, Joseph Saves His Family and A Baby in a Basket.  There was also some copy work and dialog writing. She's learning how to write short stories with he said, she said.  Her dialogs are kind of dull...I know...I should be nicer and I am to her (hey, she's not reading this) but she really could use more creativity.  "Achoo, stop" I said.  "Achoo, don't touch..." I shouted.  "Achoo, don't eat my snack" I screamed.  I didn't need to read that dialog its the story of my life - ha!  We also did a little Worldy Wise A.  I actually heard from my friend Erika they have an app for the iPad!

Science was lots of fun this week with reading about more animals and doing some animal charades as a family.  We also did last week's science experiment since we had that whole lost book situation.  This week's science experiment is going to be done tomorrow.  


Math is coming along well.  I have been doing a mix of Horizon, Teaching Textbook and Math Mammoth.  I started two years ago with Horizon - it works so I never left. I jumped on the TT bandwagon but I'm jumping off it. I don't love it and its not grade level. There is no way that my second grader should test at the fourth grade level. I see it is missing so much and the test scores for the older kids are poor with it.  Math Mammoth is pretty good and I'll have a review up on that soon however, I'm not switching from Horizon.  Also, I'm about to pull out the Calculadder again because that really helps drill some facts.  Poor Vegas, I've been playing this song in the car (its on repeat) and he's going NUTS!!!  It's called the Addition Rap A Lot (99c on iTunes) and its to help Peanut with her addition.  She's just started basic addition in her Horizon book!  

Peanut has been doing lots of fun stuff!! She's been working from her Get Ready for the Code book and is really enjoying the Sonlight LA K program. We've worked on some letters and beginning things. I think she's ready for more but I have looked ahead and it jumps the pace fast in the weeks ahead.  Peanut also has been busy doing some print out worksheets and handwriting.

UntitledI'm really excited because this week we did Week 2 of Classical Conversations at Home.  The kids are really enjoying it.  Well, mainly Gator.  I'm hopeful to get Peanut more involved but we have been doing it while she naps so its been a bit difficult. We continued with our lap book from Wisdom and Righteousness and have been listening to the Memory Work CD.  I didn't buy the Timeline cards to begin with because I wanted to know how things went before I invested too much money.  I purchased those this week and I'm excited for them to arrive (Tuesday).  We also are planning on attending the open house for our local Classical Conversations in October -- eeeee, I can't wait!


Aside from all the schoolwork we managed to escape the house twice and try out two fun parks! The kids had an absolute blast!!!  The first day we met up with fellow homeschoolers that we met in San Antonio!!!  The kids were so excited to see them here again!  Then, the next day we met up with a family who just arrive for the same program Vegas is in -- and they have THREE boys!  Achoo was in HEAVEN!!!  I heard about his little friend for two days after.  He kept saying "Where is R" "What's R doing" "Can I play with R" -- I think he really liked them needless to say!!!  


I also managed to escape for a night out with friends!  One of my friends from the last time I was stationed here is visiting the area while her husband is at training (here).  A group of us (from the last time I was stationed here) all gathered and ate at the Cheesecake Factory! It was DELISH.  Sadly, I (actually, we) forgot to get a photo of all five of us...thankfully, we have one more week so we're planning another outing!  

We managed to make a trip to the library (above I linked you to the books we picked up) and I even tried a Story Hour for Toddlers (ages 2-3) it was a major fail. I think it would be great for kids that were little but Achoo had no interest in those books.  I don't think we will go back.  

Untitled Our extra curricular activities are going great!  The kids are enjoying both swimming and gymnastics.  Tonight is our gymnastics team fundraiser -- 1000 cartwheels!  Gator is so excited (big thank you to those that supported)!!!!!!   And, tomorrow is the Air Force Marathon!  Vegas is running the full 26.2! I'm excited for him and wishing we could be there to watch BUT its going to be down pouring and with four little kids he's advised us to stay home!  In fact, I'm wondering if it'll still be on since we have had some lightening.  It'll be storming all through the AM so time will tell.  He's excited to run it (his 1st full marathon) and I'm super excited for him!!!  It ALMOST makes me want to run a race - almost.

Untitled Untitled

We did go out for lunch last week after our Build and Grow workshop - a first of many!  The kids had so much fun and it was definitely some fun family time!  We had burgers at one of my favorite places. Poor Gator though almost everything we pick to eat is difficult for her -- almost all her teeth are loose!!  


  Untitled Untitled

Baby A and Achoo each got a Citrus Lane box in the mail.  It's an amazing subscription service! You put the kids name, age and gender in and they send you a box of awesome surprises.  Achoo liked his box but Baby A LOVED her box! And, if you want to try it here is a coupon for $10.00 off your first month! (Below you can see Baby A really enjoying her new toy and book!!!)

Untitled Untitled

The big kids got their Kiwi Crate in the mail. If you haven't heard of a Kiwi Crate you can check out last months review!  And, if you want to try it here is a coupon for $10.00 off your first month!  I haven't pulled this one out yet since we've been so busy but the kids are ITCHING to do it this weekend!!!  This month's box is all about Modern Art....I checked the library (I'm really big on the library) and they had no Modern Art books for kids!!!  They have this "make a suggestion" button though so I typed up my suggestion for this book and then said this one looks great, too!  The next morning I had an e-mail saying they ordered them for us and placed a hold!!!!  We'll have them in the next couple weeks to read! I'm super excited!

We also got swings up and in action in our yard! I'm so excited!!! The kids really want a slide, too! But...that can wait a bit!  The yard is definitely coming along and I'm really enjoying it!


Hopefully it'll dry up a bit and we can enjoy the weekend!!  What do you have planned? Any exciting plans for the upcoming week? How are your school days going? Do you have a good recipe to share, please leave me a link! I'm always looking for great things to cook!!

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Lindsey said...

This is a really fun post, love it!

Wow, 6 loose teeth at once! The tooth fairy is going to be broke! ;-)

I really like the looks of Math Mammoth, so I'm looking forward to your review. :)

Sylvia said...

Sounds like you've had a busy, fun, and exciting week! My daughter, Rebekah used to write stories that pained me to read at the time. They always seemed to center around food-mostly pizza. Now we read them and laugh hysterically! Make sure you save a few of her stories to look back on someday! Thanks for linking up to Friendship Friday! You have a lovely family!

Lucinda @ said...

Wow what a fun-packed week! It sounds like things are going really well in your homeschool. I love the pirate picture! Lucinda

Tara from The Magnolia Barn said...

What a busy, fun week! Citrus Lane boxes look fabulous. Definitely checking into them. Have a great weekend!

Heather @ A Nurse's Wildflowers said...

Looks like a great week! Looks like you have some great kiddos too! Do you homeschool in the kitchen/dining? That's awesome! You are going to love the timeline cards! I have a post about how to deal with them all. I hope you have a great next week!

Home Is Where They Send Us said...

Heather - I do homeschool in the kitchen and dining room. I find its easier to spread our stuff out. We have an office but its small. We have a desk for the computer and a small kid sized table with four chairs. It often feels "stuffy" in there if we shut the door so we've been using that more for storage and the kids have been doing school all over. I'll have to gback and look to see what you do with the timeline cards! I'm super excited about it!!!

Chris said...

Wow, you had a fun and full week! Loved rdg all about it.

Your kids are adorable and you're one busy mom! We too love watching a movie based on a novel, when we're done rdg!

Thanks for sharing. Saw you linked at WUHSers and clicked over:)

Debbie said...

Wow I'm super impressed with your library, I can't imagine our local library doing that. The subscription boxes look amazing, we get an arts and crafts one each month which little boy loves!

Kara said...

So excited you are going to visit the local CC community! We LOVE CC and are so blessed by our community! Looks like you had a GREAT week!