Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fun Pirate Ideas -- and free donuts!

UntitledSept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  We don't normally celebrate such weird days but Little Man is really into Pirates - especially Jake! I decided we would run with the Pirate Theme for a fun celebratory random Thursday!!


We hit up the library this week and got these great books.  You can find them at your library or new/used on amazon.  Archie and the Pirates, a Learn to Draw book , Pirate Activity Book, Pirates Don't Take Baths and Twenty-Six Pirates (an ABC book).  The girls are really excited about drawing pirates...I've included a couple snapshots so you can see the really cool how-to draw pages!


How many pirates do you think my girls will have drawn all over the house tomorrow? I'm thinking we'll have several different varieties! They even have girl pirates which excited them! Achoo doesn't totally care BUT it's all good because he's excited about just playing pirate all day!

2147483751_20130909423567The best part is Krispy Kreme is having a celebration!  If you go to any Krispy Kreme donut shop and talk like a pirate you can get a free donut! If you dress like a pirate you get a free DOZEN donuts!  The girls and I decided we'd try and dress Achoo like a pirate tomorrow morning! They then plan on eating donuts while watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and plan on drawing pirates mid-morning and having a treasure hunt in the yard later!  

How will you celebrate National Talk like a Pirate Day??

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