Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EEME - a Mosaic Review & a FREE month for YOU!!!

My kids absolutely love getting mail.  Who doesn't?  Well, for this review we got to try out another subscription box. It is called EEME.  

EEME provides hands on electronic project kits complete with an online video instruction for kids ages 7-12. Each box comes complete with all materials needed to complete the project! It also gives you access to a set of videos that teaches your child (and you!) how to put together the kit.  In the video it will explain the electrical engineering concepts behind it.  The video is divided into sections and you'll find quizzes between the sections to test what you have just been taught.  

We decided to pull out this EEME Project Light Kit one afternoon while the littlest three were napping.  My daughter, Gator, was so excited by this project and requested to do it with her Dad!  I was excited for her to do this project with her Dad since it gave her some quality one on one time for an afternoon.

The Project Light Kit came with all the pieces needed to create the simple LED light.  We opened the box up and we were somewhat shocked to see NO paper directions.  You don't need paper directions since you have the video but it was just interesting not to see them.  I read up online to find them say video was more engaging...I wasn't sold...until they watched the video and then wow, it really was engaging.  I don't know if the project would have been the same if paper instructions were included.  

This is what our stuff looked like when we opened the box and spread it out.  All the pieces have names and I thought I would be totally confused about this whole project since I have no experience what-so-ever with anything electrical.  Good news they explain everything...you need no experience!  

Once everything was laid out on the table we turned on the computer to the EEME website and found the project video.  I sat back and watched as they (Gator & Dad) assembled the project.  Gator listened so intently to the video and then worked with her Dad to put it together piece by piece.  There were a few times we had to replay the video.  Overall, the project was both fun and educational.  Gator loved it and was so proud to show off her finished project immediately.  It now sits in her room and she talks about it daily.  

The cool thing about EEME is the first project you receive is this LED light and then each project after builds off this project.

EEME's recommended age is 7-12.  Gator is 7 years old and really enjoyed it.  I think younger kids may also enjoy it BUT they may need a bit more assistance.  These projects are great for anyone wanting to learn more about electronics and engineering.  They also are great for kids who are curious about how things work.  

EEME's subscriptions start at $18.95 each month.  They are shipped on the 1st of each month.  Once you sign up for EEME you can receive a free month for each friend you refer!  

Oh...and they have a satisfaction guaranteed policy!  (Directly from their website: We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. We understand the many options available to you as a parent for what to buy for your kid. We respect your time and resources so if there is any reason you are not satisfied with our product, we will be more than happy to provide a 100% refund. Just send us an email.) I personally love when a company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  They stand behind their product and they know it really is THAT good!  

You can check out EEME's website for more information and to view the videos for FREE when you sign up (also free). Then take a moment to connect with them on Facebook or Twitter so you will be kept in the know about upcoming sweepstakes and contests.

Want to try EEME?  You can!  Use this link until 9/16 for your very own FREE Project Light Kit!!! You'll see the "Get Your Free Month" button at the bottom!!!